Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows

Software Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows v1.8

please update this app
Downloading gearlock return's an error with success message! Even though I have a proper internet connection it's can't download
gearlock boot installing error, please fix
The installation of system.sfs is kinda taking to long. Please take a look into that
hey, man good work for this software but please update this software.
i have several problem when using this
1. if i update grub2win directly from this software it will error
2. if i update it manually it will delete bootloader android, i use "how to fix it" on utilities and did exatcly the instruction said. but it didn't work and i need to load the kernel first? i absolutely have no idea about this.

i reinstall android os on my laptop using different method and os 😥 and when it start run normally i need to deal with the grub
It's really great, but it takes more than 1 hour to create system.sfs, it would be great if it was accelerated.
I can't install AndroidX86 on the ext4 partition, when I try to select the "extFS" installation option instead the "Select your data.img size" option appears like the installation process if using the otherFS option. Because of that, the size of the data on Androidx86 after booting is only up to 32GB max. Any fix for this ?
I'll be honest, made an account just to download it. But it really surprised me! Intuitive UI, easy to navigate, and bonus points for it being portable.