Advanced CLI utilities for Android-x86

GearLock-Extension Advanced CLI utilities for Android-x86 v1.2

Compatible With
GearLock 7.2.11+

This is basically a collection of cool CLI utilities in a usable form for the Android-x86 environment.
Most of them are rust based ... which makes them even cooler >_>

  1. btm { (bottom) - Yet another cross-platform graphical process/system monitor. }
  2. ox { An independent Rust text editor that runs in your terminal! }
  3. kmon { Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor }
  4. viu { A simple terminal image viewer, with gif support too! }
  5. More to come ... (You can also suggest me thru a REVIEW)

Once this gearlock extension is installed, you can simply run any of the utils by executing their NAME like any other command in a terminal. If you got no idea what these are then stay 100 feet away! 🤪
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Latest updates

  1. v1.2 released

    New features Added viu - A simple terminal image viewer, with gif support too! ( Partially...
  2. Bugfix released

    Bug fixes Issues with 32bit ARCH ( reported by @AngusX )
  3. Next level update!

    This resource was previously known as Kmon kernel insights. But due to excessive awesomeness, it...

Latest reviews

the 5* is for just being a bad ass genius
cant wait to try these. you're really turning android into a viable desktop platform AXON!
Please fix the Gallium HUD, Even the newest Intel GPU cannot use it, It works on AMD GPU even when disabled