Internal Audio Recorder for Android-x86

GearLock-Package Internal Audio Recorder for Android-x86 v1.5-Nougat

Compatible With
Android Nougat only for now.
You do not need this if you're using DarkMatter Exo4.7 !!

This package contains an android-app and some libs to make it possible on recording system audio (aka internal-audio) on android-x86 nougat. This was initially made possible by @youling257 on March-2020.
Later it was improved by @HMTheBoy154 and @Night with more optimizations and such.

How to install ?
Simply install with GearLock, although this package doesn't have uninstallation support for some reasons for now.

  • @youling257 for initially making it possible on nougat-x86.
  • @HMTheBoy154 for wiring some additional audio outputs.
  • @Night for compiling a newer java-ffmpeg and optimizing the recording codec.
  • Thanks to @PAIN, @Sc0rPi, @iFTy, @Rocky Balboa and some others at #teen-titans for early beta-testing it.

Know issues
  • This might not work well with nivida-GPU's.
First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

I have a question i am on blissOS and i was trying to run gearrec screen recorder from terminal but i got a message that said that it was removed and that it is avalible as an this what i need?
Well yes.. but I didnt complete that part of the thing yet.
Works Perfectly on Prime OS Official. Please Add Live Streaming System...
Not support in primeos and not selecting options in app like resolution etc
plz fix
I tried it and it works. very good!
not working no sound in video i ahve also installed xposed intsaller not working