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GearLock-Package ipsd for Android-x86 0.4

Compatible With
Android-x86 x86_64 (64bit) from nougat+
Intel Precise Touch & Stylus

This is the userspace part of IPTS (Intel Precise Touch & Stylus) for Linux.

With IPTS the Intel Management Engine acts as an interface for a touch controller, returning raw capacitive touch data. This data is processed outside of the ME and then relayed into the HID / input subsystem of the OS.

This daemon relies on a kernel driver that can be found here:

The driver will establish and manage the connection to the IPTS hardware. It will also set up an API that can be used by userspace to read the touch data from IPTS.

The daemon will connect to the IPTS UAPI and start reading data. It will parse the data, and generate input events using uinput devices. The reason for doing this in userspace is that parsing the data requires floating points, which are not allowed in the kernel.

What is working?

  • MS Surface Gen 4-6:
    • Stylus Input
    • Multitouch Finger Input
    • Contact area calculation
  • MS Surface Gen 7:
    • Singletouch Finger Input
  • HP Spectre 13 x2 (only non-surface device to use IPTS)
    • Entirely untested
What doesn't work?

  • MS Surface Gen 7:
    • Multitouch Input
    • Stylus Input
  • HP Spectre 13 x2
    • Entirely untested

NOTE: The multitouch code has not been tested on all devices. It is very likely that it will still need adjustments to run correctly on some devices. If you have a device with IPTS and want to test it, feel free to open an issue or join ##linux-surface on Freenode IRC and get in touch.

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Latest updates

  1. iptsd 0.4

    Update to 0.4 : Added the "iptsd-sensor-reset" command to trigger a sensor reset. This can help...

Latest reviews

Once installed you have to run it every time Android starts, is there any way to configure it as a service that starts automatically?
On Surface Pro 5, with Android x86 9.0 Pie

It installed very well but needs to turn on from terminal.
I am using `iptsd &` on terminial every single boot.

Is there any method to make this thing going run automatically?
or is this kinda bug something?
I'm on a Surface Book 1 13.5" and touch works fine but stylus doesn't work.
touch is still kinda bugy because of sensor noise but the rest good
nice no need aos 2.0 or bastergo os :) i din't understand why ghost's and you guy's help bastergo ;(
when did we help Abstergone ?