Mesa 20.0 Graphics Rendering Drivers

GearLock-Package Mesa 20.0 Graphics Rendering Drivers 20.0-devel [Intel-Only]

Compatible With
Android 7.x
So guys, this is it.
Time to stop I guess, we already have mesa 17.2/17.4 + 18.1/18.3.6 + 19.0.4/19.1
And now this mesa 20.0 ? [This was quite unexpected, even to me since mesa-devs dropped support for nougat starting from mesa19.3]

I guess we've done enough for the mesa drivers over nougat. Won't be publishing any more mesas for nougat.
I'll rather work with @HMTheBoy154 with his kernel git-projects from now ?
So, enjoy while you can...!

What does "devel" tag mean?
>> It means that it's still in *development, you can also call it beta stage.
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  1. Repacked with dynamic native scripts

    Now you should no longer face any installation/uninstallation issues, plus no more bricking issues.
  2. Repacked for GearLock 5.9+

    Repacked for GearLock 5.9+

Latest reviews

Axon that's it no more Mesa
Le hmtheboy:hold my Mesa 21 for andriod 7 XD
Bruh 😂
Mesa 20.0 gives best performance for me in PUBGM. I use kernel 4.19.7 .
My laptop specs:-
Intel core i5
8th gen
4gb ram
My android os:-
Thanos Ultimate OS V6
mesa 20 is awesome but now its not working good in pubg mobile S19 in this season mesa 20 hacve graphics gltich we use gl tools for issue resolve but its not solve right now can u guys help us for the mesa 20 graphic gltich problems solved kindly coz mesa 20 is Op kinldy reply ...solve that problem
Mesa 20.0 is very good
Great and stable performance with K4.19.169 = 60fps
me cpu Intel i7-4720HQ
Working well for pubg on my i3 3rd gen, hd4000 laptop.
on the mesa 17.1 that comes already installed getting 60 fps easy, after this mesa, only 30 fps why ? is there any explanation ? tried several mesa's and nothing helped, please reply and help me.
This is pubg itself ..
You have to trick it using either gltools or gfx-tool
urgent help plz, every single mesa ive tried only shows 30 fps, original one was stable 60, how to go back to the original mesa, tried clear data and searching for original mesa, nothing was found.
specs i5 8gb ram hd4400 SSD drives.
This is pubg itself ..
You have to trick it using either gltools or gfx-tool
hello axon
how you build mesa for phoenix