NFS-INJECTOR - Forcefulness/Energy Aware (Magisk not required)

GearLock-Extension NFS-INJECTOR - Forcefulness/Energy Aware (Magisk not required) v6.5

nice work
But still i don't know which module is best ,NFS vs FDE.AI
V13 is actually better.
It has its dedicated app to control the settings.
How can I remove it?
From gearlock package-manager
Thank you very much for your hard work. Keep it up!
Thank you Sir, (Axon) you are the best.
But i have a small request to you please port "dolby atmos" for gearlock.coz i didn't find any custom recovery for your Darkmatter to flash dolby
i think it improves the footsteps of enemies in pubg as well as the music experience.
Plz don't suggest me viper.
Sorry For my Bad english.
Okay, sure ..
hi. thanks ur hard work for this os. can you tell me how enter this settings from gearlock. i try 7 menu but there not option for nfs injector. (sorry my english bad)
You can customize it from "/data/NFS"
Check the **Setup** part in the post properly to know more.
Thanks bro I love u 💖