PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone

Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone Exo4.7 (BETA-2)

This is basically a bugfix BETA release following the last release of 4.7. This should be much more stable and bugless than before.
Almost all of the bug-reports from the users have been resolved.

>> Can I update into it from any older versions ?
>>>>> Ans: No, You have to do a clean installation !!

  • Revert back to k4.14.15 and m17.1.10

  • New DarkMatter extension: PUBGM Crash Fix.

  • Update Alsa to v1.2.4 ( By @HMTheBoy154 ).

  • Bugfix in ultraFPS extension.

  • Bugfix in `dminit` regarding `PHOENIXOS_LFM` not being installed after boot.

  • Resolve dualSound issue.

  • Fix issue of preinstalled keymapper config being unchangable.

  • Use latest keymapper from latest POS.

  • Removed all sorts of ads/trackers and loggers from the keymapper and POS itself.

  • Only limit `` CPU usage for other mesas. (Only when this process gets created due to unknown reasons and starts eating your CPU)

  • Resolve the issue of ISO not being suitable for Etcher on linux.

  • Bugfix and improvements in Protocol Changer.

  • Update to GearLock 6.8.8

  • Update to Advanced-Android-x86-Installer v1.6

  • Readjusted cursor tilting.

  • The lag for Settings switch for native-settings has been resolved.

  • Bugfix in windows installer.
Introducing DarkMatter Exo4.7 (Early-Preview)
We know everyone had to wait for a long time for Exo4.7, but we can't hold you off for any longer. This release is just to show you guys how much progress we've made throughout the past couple of months. This release is a sum of a 2K+ git commits by us.

This is probably the biggest release in the history of DarkMatter by date. We've reworked everything that now it would be more of a crime to still call it PhoenixOS DarkMatter, but eh we had to be pinched into a corner for the need of a keymapper (But it's not impossible, eh ?). Otherwise there was no need to modify PhoenixOS or someone else's prebuild Operating-System, we'd just make our own from scratch.

Before everything else, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind
  1. You can not update to Exo4.7 from an older version of DarkMatter. (Must install over a clean partition)

  2. You must not use any pre-downloaded GearLock package/extension, all of them we're repacked and you must re-download them before using to avoid any errors. Otherwise don't come to us with your issues.

  3. This is an Early-Preview version and does not contain special features of Xen-Protocol. But they will be available in the Final-Release of DarkMatter Exo4.7 (OTA update will be pushed for Early-Preview users) Remember that it's an BETA version and might contain tons of bugs, so don't wish to use it as a daily driver.

Our Legendary ChangeLog
  1. Call-Of-Duty and PUBG-LITE support (Coming soon in Final-Release)

  2. Internal-Audio-Recording (GearRec) using R_Submix {As usual, the first public android-x86 nougat to have this}
    * All credits to @ youling257 for initially making it possible for android-x86_nougat on March-2020.
    * Thanks to @HMTheBoy154 for bringing it into DarkMatter on April-2020 with many more improvements, for that now you should be able to hear sound while recording also (He was he first one to do that btw).
    * Thanks to @Night for compiling and updating FFMPEG for it and highly optimizing it's recording codec to make it cpu-friendly.

  3. Total rework of the SystemUI, now you won't literally feel it's phoenixOS anymore ! (The initial idea was mine btw 😏 - based on PhoenixOS Edu)

  4. Specially compiled kernel-4.14.90(xanmodded) and mesa-18.1.9 has been integrated into the system.
    * With this combo you should get a blazing fast experience than ever before !
    For the kernel. we also included some external drivers so most of you can have things like working wifi right in the first boot
    + smlinux's rtl8723de
    + lwfinger's rtl8188eu
    + broadcom wl
    + rtl8821ce
    + rtl8821cu
    + rtl8723bu
    + rtl8812au
    + rtl8188fu (with rtw_power_mgnt=0 & rtw_enusbss=0)
    + Intel's i915 alpha support (might not stable for 7th Gen)
    + applespi (for Macbook Keyboard and trackpad)

  5. All of the GamingProtocols has been optimized, their size has been reduced also.
    * Including two new Protocols called: Lynx and Xen for extensive new games support.
    * Special thanks to @Erika from PosBR and @Night for helping in development.

  6. Totally reworked windows-installer & bootable-installer
    * No more grub2win issues.
    * Possibly no more ext4 issues.
    * No more bugs at all in the installer itself.
    * The windows installer has been re-programmed from scratch.
    * Our ISO-bootable-installer has been re-programmed with more efficiency.
    * Now windows-installer.exe is inside our ISO, so you dont have to download separately.

  7. Now you can configure DarkMatter on first-boot as you want from core-level ! (Re-born from Exo4.4 but next-level)
    >> Including the options of =
    * GoogleApps
    * microG Apps
    * Pre-install keymapper-config
    * SuperSu Handler
    * ViperAudio_FX
    * And many more !!

    Plus, we even include Omniswitch, an good old Recents tab you might see in custom ROMs like Resurrection Remix or OmniROM

  8. GoogleServices can no longer slow down your OS by overusing your CPU, yes that's right! Not only that, Play Services can now updated automatically or manually using apk

  9. No more PUBG mobile crash at all on loading screen.

  10. Add DarkMatter-Help app for new users to quickly get familiar with Darkmatter, recreated from the old NoviceHelp by PhoenixOS. (All credits to @Night for developing it)

  11. New wallpapers and bootanimation has been added by @Night . Also included Google's Product Sans font as default (thanks to nongthaihoang on XDA forum)

  12. Massive system-level optimizations has been done. Plus got rid of possibly every kind of bloatware and whatsoever including VIP Service since it was marked as harmful app by Google.

  13. Added many fixes from Android-x86's

  14. Added many keylayouts from Google to support game controllers like Dualshock 4 or Xbox One controllers. Also we added some .idc files from Android-x86 and BlissOS too.

  15. Introducing native AOSP's NightMode. You can activate from Settings>Display (First ever android-x86 nougat to have this !)
    * Thanks to @HMTheBoy154 for implementing it

  16. Now you can install HomeLaunchers directly from PlayStore and switch between them as you do in a Mobile Phone!
    * Again, thanks to @HMTheBoy154

  17. WideVineDrm L3 implementation for DRM-content support !

  18. Updated Webview to a native and stable one.

  19. Updated to GearLock 6.8.2 with nearly 100 new features than the previous version in DarkMatter !!!! (Phew, it's been a long ride)
    • New RECOVERY-Mode
    • New Interface theme
    • Massive bugfixes and improvements
    • New mac-changer feature
    • New System Image extender feature
    • New Governor changer
    • New: You can repair Ext4 partition from Recovery menu
    • New: NTFS partitions will be supercharged by extending the system.img size
    • New feature: Mesa Driver Version faker.
      New feature: MidNight Commander FileManager integration in recovery mode. ( #feature-request by @dam && Suggestion by @HMTheBoy154 )

    • New: Now you can purge/remove extra kernel modules by "Game / System Tweaks"

    • Now you can auto-make kernel/mesa package from currently booted kernel by GearLock > Dev-Zone ( #feature-request by @Night )

    • New-Feature: Now you can install TWRP flashable zip's with GearLock. Yes, you heard it right!
      Check the main post to learn more about the compatibility topic.

    • New-Feature: Disable build-in keyboard { In > Game / System Tweaks } (A very old feature-request by @ThePinchuPanda )

    • New-Feature: Auto Download Latest flashable opengapps and flash with GearLock-Package-manager!

    • New feature: Change CPU Frequency from GearLock.

    • New feature: Enable/Disable Laptop TrackPad.

    • Complete rewrite of GearLock-Installer (Now its a system-indipendent binary, size:38MB)
      * Complete rewrite of GXPM (GearLock Extension & Package Manager)
      * Extensive improvements have been made.
      * It will also force all files to be properly written before reboot.
      * GXPM and garca has been boosted by 3x more speeeed and will preserve all attars statically
      * Add zstd compression method support in garc and p7zip for GXPM (Suggested by @HMTheBoy154 )

    • Now your system will get auto supercharged if not after recovery mode

    • Now you can change GearLock configuration easily thru GearLock > Settings (Default theme, norecovery, second-tty etc can be configured)

    • Before gearlock was partially 100% system-indipendent, but now its totally independent. Because even if you boot with an empty /system you will be still able to operate within recovery-mode. (Before gearlock could only survive if you're already booted but you wiped your system)

    • Now there are external command line user-utils, they are gxpm, gstatus, fixscreen, gearlock-cli.
      * So, you could do gsudo gxpm -i package-name.gxp to install a gearlock package/extension directly thru command line.
      * Ref:

    • Made tons of bugfixes (Not possible to mention them one by one) (Some were reported by @pain, @P.B-D.B , @AngusX )

    • Complete rewrite of gearprop and now it can force overwrite any system property. (Bugs were reported by @xxDaKsHxx , @AngusX and @Night )

    • GearLock wrapper terminal app has been improved a lot, it will also fix terminal sizing when su shell is invoked automatically by running fixscreen.
      * Also fix issues with ALT button handling in stuff like nano and such. (Thanks to @Night for the heads up)

    • Added a smaller version of bootsound (Credits: @Night )

    • All the gearlock libraries & binaries have been recompiled and heavily optimized.

    • GearLock now supports utf8 with mutilang. (EN, VN, CN, ES) (Currently being translated for VN by @HMTheBoy154 , anyone else interested in contributing over this is welcome)

    • Many of the options in GearLock menu has been rewritten in an optimistic way.

  20. Change `iftop` - A Real Time Linux Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool from toybox version to better version that Linux distro's have.
  21. Introducing `wavemon` by uoaerg, an ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices
  22. Updated alsa-lib and alsa-utils to with the new alsamixer! With it you can fine tune your audio from core level! ( Compiled by @HMTheBoy154 )
    (note from @HMTheBoy154 : Not only Darkmatter is the first POS mod have this, but also the first Android-x86 build to have it :) )

  23. Introducing GalliumHud Extension! WIth it you get a GPU monitoring overlay directly from Gallium3D with realtime FPS and more!
    (Gallium include AMD GPUs, Nvidia through nouveau and Intel 8th+ Gen using Intel Iris if install Mesa 20.1+)

  24. Cut out ads showing function of VIP Service, so if it got silently install (which might be never), no app will be shown to ruin your experience.

  25. added some ncurses games like : snake, 2048 (not ncurses) , tint. And hey, we have sl too :D

There might be more changes but we don't remember them all or put it here. Maybe we'll attach a `changelog.txt` file soon, maybe after 4.7 final.

Windows Installation Tutorial
Our windows installer has always been crap but this time I've tried my level best to perfectify it this time.
And now this is basically the Advanced Android-x86 Installer. But I still prefer to use a bootable USB to install DarkMatter.

Some last words
DarkMatter got too many features that sometimes people don't find any features at all 😂. And we don't want any know-it-all Youtuber to make a video on it unless he understands what he is speaking of or representing. All of our efforts are for those who truly understands it and is not for fools. Lastly, this release cost us a huge amount of time and hardwork to make it possible, we tried out best and if it becomes useless soon then there would be obviously many shiny rocks out there to pick from.
So goodbye ( At least from @AXON ) !
If you're using DarkMatter Exo4.6 or any older version then here is one good news for you.
You can experience the latest GearLock 6.1 in any DarkMatter Release.

Follow the link below to know more :)
Note: It is highly recommended that you do a clean installation
I also recommend everyone to switch over this version if still using an old one.

So first of all, this is a bugfix update...
And to be honest, there isn't anything big in this update, so the change-log also has to be small !
I cant just bloat it with some big words this time ?

Here goes the tiny changelog in the history of DarkMatter
  • Resolved all the unexpected bugs which came out in Exo4.5 (Yes, its the best way to explain it ? )

  • Updated the system with latest official POS v3.6.1.564 (In which i basically found no change tho, even after running diff through a linuxOS)
  • You can multi-boot from four different kernel variants (4.13.0, 4.14.15, 4.14.172, 4.19.97)! Yes, and the fifth one is also coming soon from 5.5.x series >_>

  • Special thanks to @Ahmad Moemen for allowing me to use his premium google-drive-account for hosting Exo4.6. Normal gdrive account limits daily downloads, that's why we didnt use it until now.

  • The boot-up sound will only play for once in the first boot

  • Windows installer improvements

  • Ah, cant remember anymore, what did i miss ?
There is a big ass green button on the top ☝ , that's the download link!
Anyways, dont forget test out our new mesa 19.3.4 & 20.0.1 >_>
That's all for today, lets keep it awesome! Bye!
Hey guys, it's been a while.
But, as someone said: Patience has its reward. Yes, I'd like to thank those who waited patiently. And trust me, bringing this update to you guys was no easy job at all. It's the result of the total work of 2 months. The first month took me to figure out what and how to do. Then I worked each day with much patience, which is why this update is here now.

So, lets hop into the main thing >_>
You can not update from a old version.
You must perform a clean installation.
Also remember to uninstall grub2win to avoid any errors.

Old gearlock packages won't work, new ones are in .gxp format.

I surely can say that you guys will forget of how things were like before ?
Here goes the legendary changelog (You definitely dont wanna miss any part of it)>>

  • Fully recoded windows installer with 0% bugs (It is highly recommended that you use it)
  • NTFS disk support! Yes, now you can install darkmatter on anything regardlessly.
  • Added vulkan support ( Was requested by @MethMan ) { Special thanks to @HMTheBoy154 }
  • All sorts of gearlock mounting issues has been resolved
  • Updated kernel firmware to a recent one
  • Using Kernel 4.14.172 as the primary kernel & 4.19.108 as the secondary kernel
  • Special thanks to @Night for the wallpapers and nice findouts+suggestions
  • 60 FPS will be unlocked for most devices without any GFX/Gltools (Is not true for 4.14.x kernels)
  • system.img size has been extended to 3.5GB size
  • There is no ban risk
Now here comes the real deal >_>

GearLock 5.9 !!
  • Rewrote the whole core and most of the functions from scratch (You guys will surely forget how old gearlock was like :ROFLMAO: )

  • Introducing GearRec (BETA), this is something that you guys might never have seen before! Now you can record both internal-audio + screen-video without any app with extreme smoothness than anything! Sounds cool, huh?

  • Introducing GearTune, a system level optimization engine which will keep your OS running fluid from day one with maximum CPU tuning for better gaming experience!

  • Introducing GearLock-Games! This is going to be another thing which will be totally new for you guys!
    It includes classic games like PacMan, Snake ? And guess what, these are playable directly from gearlock!

  • Now GearLock will also work on NTFS flawlessly

  • Fully recoded Package-Manager with massive changes and improvements { Includes auto-uninstaller, installation log + new functionality +++ more }
  • Added Bulk Installation mode for Package-Manager as suggested by @MethMan (It allows you to install multiple things at a time without having to reboot )

  • Lots of improvements in GearBoot at it's maximum potential
  • Improvements in GearLock Extensions

  • Built-In Screen-Resolution changer in GearLock! { >> Extra misc. functions}

  • Now Gearlock can download and install the latest magisk for you! You can even select a custom version to install directly from gearlock on any android_x86! { >> Magisk Extended }

  • From now on there will be continuous OTA updates directly from GearLock.
  • You will get to see your Mesa/Kernel/CPU/GPU/RAM ++ more information from the .Status page in gearlock
  • Coded gearprop, gslr, gsudoand many more awesome things for developers
  • Build a full range of linux utilities specially for android_x86 (If you understood what i said then try running bash in the terminal and see the magic)

The useless stuffs
Some of the things which I never wanted to do but since a lot of you guys told us to do some walllpaper/bootani/cursor customization, so i did.​

But, I also thought do something special which you might have not seen before on an android_x86 >_>

Which is, you guys will get to hear a bootup-sound ! So, it was worth it.​
Upcoming stuffs (Might be already available!)
  1. Mesa 19.3.4 & 20.0.1 by @HMTheBoy154
  2. New 4.14.x & 4.19.x & 5.x kernels by @HMTheBoy154
  3. NFS INJECTOR v11 & v12
  4. CloudFlare DNS Extension
  5. Cursor changer Extension for Gearlock
  6. Auto google play services updater
  7. +++ More to come each day!

  1. If you have a really weak pc then try mesa 17.2.0-RC4
  2. GearTune should be enough and you really dont need to use any GFX/Gl Tools
  3. Install latest magisk from >>GearLock>>Magisk Extended>>1

What do you think about this update?
Take a moment to share your experience in the REVIEWS section.

Notice to Youtubers:
If you are willing to make a video representing DarkMatter then you must gather much information and knowledge about it before doing so.
You should also follow this:
If you're thinking of making a installation tutorial then it's suggested to demonstrate with the windows installer.

At last what I want to say is that we wouldn't be able to do such awesome things without the support from you guys and we hope it in that way. This update surely cost me a lot of things ?