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This update doesn't change much
  • Will use kernel 5.18.0 with ZRAM
  • ZRAM will be automatically set to 90% of the total RAM size
  • ZRAM set to lz4 as default but you can change compression algorithm in /sdcard/tbm/zram_mode.txt
  • IMG editor from AlterBE will be used in the Ramdisk editor and fixed about custom script
  • Fixed the display of the number of cores and threads on the initial toolbox display
  • Improved how to find kernel locations
  • Setting to set the screen size is added with a custom size mode to what percentage of the screen size you want
  • Set the user agent can be set from internal memory without the need for root access (reboot required)
  • Using Chrome beta v109 as webview and browser
  • Webview support added so any version of Bromite (except chromium) can be installed as webview
  • Automatic Low RAM mode in RAM 1.5Gb
  • Optimize 1GB Ram (Still unplayable for game but better than before i guess?)
What's missing:
  • Removed Kiwi (too old the extension doesn't support much anymore)
  • Android system webview removed
  • Youtube vanced and microG
Ah shit here we go again
The code to find the location of the ramdisk is a combination of simple code
df data
cat /proc/cmdline

So if there is a problem with the ramdisk editor, it's not a problem with the ramdisk editor, but rather the mount of the drive. An example of the cause of the problem is:
  • OS location drive cannot be mounted.
  • There are too many drives so some don't mount.
  • There is a Link folder in the data ( symlink, mount, or etc )
  • There are 2 or more NTFS Drives that have Windows.
  • The OS is on an NTFS Drive. (Yep)

So if you have problems with the ramdisk editor but want to install magisk then download it here - the link will be redirected after 50 seconds.
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  • Remove Houdini POSBR assets ( change with Houdini asset from Arm switch )
  • Patch Ramdisk Editor.
There is a problem finding the location of the ramdisk because it mounts bind data to sdcard folder so this patch will stop mount bind on data to sdcard. only /data/rmedit will be used as the ramdisk extract folder.
Flash this patch with Install zip.
Need a reboot when it's installed.

Here Link

ISO Version


This kernel version contains a bug with Mesa 17 so use Mesa other than version 17. Thanks to hussainali1212 for telling it.
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Copy this file into folder /data/tbm-set after that chmod 777 /data/tbm-set/ and reboot