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This an instruction on how to get your external monitor working for Surface Pro with touchscreen support so you can zoom in as well. I have a Surface Pro 3 but I'm sure it will work for other models.

Step 1

Mount your EFI partition Google it for your operating system. You will see two folders boot and efi. Go to efi directory and then the boot directory. Then you will see android.cfg open it with DroidEdit or Notepad++

Step 2

Add this to you kernel commandline "video=eDP-1:d video=HDMI-A-1:e" make sure you add it to the right spot checkout the screenshot below for the location.

You can see that android.cfg can support multiple boot entries. Be careful while you are inside the efi partition.

You can also see their is a menuentery for 4K. The only difference is at the end of the kernel commandline "DPI=320" this makes the resolution to 1080 but it has 4k pixel depth. Take care.

The android.cfg is in the download

Best regards
Ryan Johnson

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