[xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:benares] Kernel 4.19.x for Android-x86

GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:benares] Kernel 4.19.x for Android-x86 4.19.203

Latest updates

  1. benares 4.19.203

    Enabling support for Nintendo HID For rtl8821ce, temporary disable support on rtw88 and using...
  2. benares 4.19.188

    Upstream to 4.19.188 Adding KVM support Adding OV2680 sensor support
  3. benares 4.19.178

    Upstream to 4.19.178 Added PPTP (CONFIG_PPTP=y) Switch rtl8821ce support to rtw88's @lwfinger repo.

Latest reviews

Can you please provide a list of witch Btutooth hardware work with this kernel then I order a new one
Facing wifi reconnect problem. Cant connect wifi again after disconnected. Need to restart os
Bro plz help bro this kernal is not even booting it sticks at gearlock terminal Black screen my specs are i5 8250u 8gb ram only default kernal 4.14 boots
my wifi adapter is rtl8188ftv... when connect wifi freezing pc and automatically restart... how to fix that
some time freeze in my pc

CPU :- intel pentium g2020
RAM :- 2gb
Pubg crashes randomly with this kernel.
i7 7500U
The Beast🤫❤❤❤
I got a great performance cpu Intel i7-4720HQ with Mesa Graphics Rendering Drivers 18.1.9
only giving 40 fps with latest mesa, upload kernel 4.19.97 frm exo4.6 that gives me 60 fps