[xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:benares] Kernel 4.19.x for Android-x86

GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:benares] Kernel 4.19.x for Android-x86 4.19.203

  • Enabling support for Nintendo HID
  • For rtl8821ce, temporary disable support on rtw88 and using @tomaspinho one again due to RFE 4 support
  • Upstream to 4.19.188
  • Adding KVM support
  • Adding OV2680 sensor support
  • Upstream to 4.19.178
  • Added PPTP (CONFIG_PPTP=y)
  • Switch rtl8821ce support to rtw88's @lwfinger repo.
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  • Upstream to 4.19.160
  • Added Wireguard support (thanks to Google)
  • Cut down rtl8821ce support on rtw88 and use tomaspinho's one instead.
  • Added applespi driver
  • Added some drivers from BlissOS repo : bcm2079x_i2c_mod, gslx680-acpi (with firmware), wl
  • Added SND_ALOOP (requested by @AXIM0S )
  • This will be the last version with version number, I won't use benares-3.2, etc anymore and instead I'll use kernel version name to name it.