[xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86

GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86 5.4.140

Heyy broo my wifi is working with this kernel I can't swtich from one wifi to another i have to on off wifi to choose another network also there is automatic disconnection after 20-25 minutes can u help with this problem
I am using Darkmatter os beta 2 on VMWARE and i cant install any kernel (except 4.19, even with 4.19 mouse has issues) all other kernels are sowing E-Error, Please help me that which kernel i need to install to play PUBG with least issues.
It is good but when I do shutdown my laptop it never shutdown a loading screen of power off appears on screen for infinite time and my laptop seems to ne er power off with this kernal my cpu is i5 8250u
RTL8192CU not support :(
Check your card again, or give me geardump or log so I can know what happen

I have this card on my laptop and tested before
Great Work ! FAST Like Flash😍
works fine in amd athlon 200ge, but mobile legends game application does not work ( mesa 20.1.10 , kernel 5.4 )
Nice work
Upgraded to 5.4.46 w/mesa 17.1.10
Working just as fine as the last one but great to have some added compatibility.
I'm using Dell inspiron 3420. When booted up using this kernel gearlock app won't work and it says can't find gearlock files or something. Also pubg closes after a while when using this kernel. Those are the only issues I got
I wanna say thanks to hmtheboy154 and to all dms teams from the deepest of my heart
This kernel is very stable with me
Thanks alot
Keep going
God bless you team POS dm