XAPK Installer - Install XAPK Faster and Easily

GearLock-Extension XAPK Installer - Install XAPK Faster and Easily 3.5

Compatible With
Gearlock 6.5 or above
Hi Guys,
I created another useful extension for you. This is XAPK Installer. You can install any XAPK files within seconds. This will save your time a lot!

  • Easy Installation of XAPKS. No need to rename, extract, install and copy
  • Uses unzip to extract and gclone to copy files. Which is a lot more faster.
  • File Selection for installing
  • Choose which XAPK to be installed in the list
  • No XAPK Limit or Installation errors. (report if your find)
  • Supports Split APK and OBB XAPK
  • User Friendly
  • Help Menu for further information about the extension
  • Will detect files that are not XAPK 1.2 +
  • See how many xapk files in gearload 1.2 +
  • See how many secondary apks are present while installing 1.2 +
  • Installation similar to Android Package Manager GUI. Installation prompt, permission showing, version showing 2.0 +
  • View Log within Extension 2.0 +
  • You can list XAPK files in Download folder and the ability to choose Custom folder to look up for XAPK files 2.0 +
  • Update Games by XAPK easily without data loss ( Installs new APK, Removes old OBB and Copies new OBB ). 3.0.2+
  • Choose which config to be installed. ( Supports Multi Configs - e.g. config.en, config.x86, config.xxhdpi...) 3.5 +

How to use:-
Put your .xapk files in the Gearload/Download folder ( custom folder can also be used ) and Run this extension by opening Gearlock and selecting the option Run Extensions. After that choose XAPK-Installer and select Install XAPK and choose the XAPK file. If you have copied a lot of xapks to the Gearload folder. You can see all of them in the Extension. Select which XAPK to be installed in the list with Numbers. After that your XAPK will be installed in just a seconds and it will return you to Main Menu of XAPK-Installer.

I have checked this extension for errors for more than 10 times. And fixed all of the error that I found. Thanks to @AXON for finding out errors and told me how to fix them. And also to @Night who told me how to install .apk files. ( Using Gearlock Utils ).

Extension Bug Reported by:

I hope you'll like this. Please leave a rating and tell me if there is any issues or errors. I will fix them as soon as possible.
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Latest reviews

Great extension
There are many apps on the play sotre that let you install xapk but they have ads, but this is free and faster
Suggestion- add progress bar when installing xapk with pv and dialog just like in gearlock data backup/restore
Thanks for your review and I'll try to add the feature if possible.
thanks bro
You're welcome. Feel free to try my other extensions too!
nice, keep it up
Thanks for your Review
Thanks for your Review. I think It is meant to be "GOOD" and you typed "GOD". Anyway, Thanks for using XAPK Installer.
Nice utility
Thank You
You seem to be learning quick and your scripting syntax was also quite complex. Keep up the good work :)
Thank You Bro...