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  1. zharevnarts

    Help Remix os takes 30 min to boot🥲

    best for what ? i use dualcore macbook use primeos-blackengine or use darkmatter or posrog
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    Distro PhoenixOS DarkMatter - Supercharged for Everyone

    I use amd a4-9120 and darkmatter advance hardware one it good , with kernel 5.10
  3. zharevnarts

    Install bliss os using Advanced_Android-x86 Installer v1.8_Full failed

    t hen use any iso first afert it delete img kernel replace to bliss os or create installer without usb use unetbootin
  4. zharevnarts

    Install bliss os using Advanced_Android-x86 Installer v1.8_Full failed

    1. why not create usb installer ? 2. or try another iso then replace file to bliss os bliss has no ramdisk image installer need read iso has it if no its will fault so suggest 1 or suggest 2
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    Dolby DTS EPEXX86-N

  6. zharevnarts

    Error hanging boot logo on phoenix os dark matter

    english broh 1687106731 try change kernel download place in gearload folder first update gearlock by android advance installer delete...
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    Help Ryzen 7 kernel ? Help

  8. zharevnarts

    Help How change kernel

    Or maybe the hardware, like mine using amd uses some kernel make display glitches
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    Distro Phoenix OS Darkmatter 4.7 Advance Hardware Support Experimental build

    Boot or open gearlock Install/uninstall GPXM Unintsall libdrm-2.4.107 LLVM12.0.1 this caused bar re transparent or menu not showing no launcher on AMD
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    News Prime OS 7/11

    install terminal emulator app
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    Help Unpack/Repack System.sfs/img of BlissOS or PrimeOS

    u can use apt or 7zstd make sure the android version is same DWYOR
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    Android-x86 kernel 5.4 with rtw88

    android version ?
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    Distro PrimeOS Modified 2.1.0 based on @Kamazok

    Yes remove system img after replace with unpacked , check gearloc version maybe its old ,i download 7.3.3 seem size smaller than inside the zip one
  14. zharevnarts

    Distro PrimeOS Modified 2.1.0 based on @Kamazok

    If you installed on ext4 it can be use by this 1.batchapk tool, Android PC Toolbox 2. Unpack system img use 1 tool above 3. Use paragon etxfs or diskgenius to move system unpacked 4. Copy paste system unpacked to your prime folder Example in x:\primeos\here alongside the kernel etc Cause...
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    News Android 7/8/9 TV x86

    3. Android 9 TV x86 link missing sir
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    Distro PrimeOS Modified 2.1.0 based on @Kamazok

    Try use apt to do it but recommended use iso one
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    Help Double android x86 possible.

    Possible , I use android advance installer
  18. zharevnarts

    PrimeOS 2.1.0 based on @Kamazok

    Use posrog method see YouTube , or use phoenix installer then replace all file from iso