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    Help How change egl version?

    Hi guys. Can change egl version 3.1? Only nougat detect My gpu on OpenGL versión 3.1. but try with Android 9/10/11/12 and not detect opengl 3.1 . Only nougat roms detect 3.1 :( someone can help me?
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    Help How change kernel

    how can change kernel ?? i try with gearlock but no boot after reset. I try install mesa after install kernel and no boot u.u someone other metod to fix it???
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    News Prime OS 7/11

    I was thinking the same thing that maybe mesa12 gives me better performance but I don't have linux to compile or extract the system.img or system.sfs. and I tried phoenix with different kernels and none turned on. in fact prime os only works for me the mainless version, it will be some kind of...
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    News Prime OS 7/11

    I already tried it too
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    News Prime OS 7/11

    I just found a solution to my problem regarding the houdini libraries and managed to run arm64 applications as well. but it was quite tedious. Install the system, at first start connect to internet update magisk. It will restart once it is updated, on the second boot. I install Fx explorer with...
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    News Prime OS 7/11

    I can't open armeabi7a or armeabi apps, only start x86 apps. native point is on. I tried to manually copy the houdini libraries and I can't get it to work, I'm on build A7 K4.9, it's an old tablet with an atom x5. can someone give me a hand thank you very much
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    News Prime OS 7/11

    Hello, I tried the version with kernel 4.9 and my tablet is very fast, everything is fluid, very good rom, I have 2 problems, I can't get the ROOT to edit the build.prop, because when arm64-v8a appears it doesn't open applications like free fire for example . I need to edit the build prop, and I...
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    PrimeOS AlterBE x64

    Hola muchas gracias por compartir esta rom, quiero probarla. actualmente tengo prime os maineles 0.6 con kernel 4.19 mesa 17, funciona pero aveces se lagea un poco. Mis spec son. atom x5 z8350 2gb ram emmc 64gb. Podria andar esta version con kernel 5.10 con mi grafica intel hd 400? 1663435925 I...
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    Help Best Kernel and messa for my computer

    im have tablet 2 in 1 , atom x5 z8350 2gb ram with hd 400 and the best perfomance is with 17.1.10 mesa driver. im have prime os 0.6 mainless with mesa 17.1.10... free fire and ,pugb and similar games 30 fps