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  1. Mrbeast

    Help TP-Link Archer T3U Wi-Fi adapter not working

    I tried on Android 9, didn't worked, will not work on android 11. I will give 11 a try, but what i can do anything about it?
  2. Mrbeast

    Help Can anyone please advice me which kernel and mesa would give best performancein my pc

    intel core i5-2310 4gb ddr3 ram amd radeon hd 5450 os: android x86 8.1-r6 which kernel and mesa will give me best performance?? thanks in advance...
  3. Mrbeast

    Help BlissOS is crap

    I installed BlissOS 16. The installer creates a boot item for not Windows Boot Manager which is bootable, for Windows partition which is not bootable. When I went to the GRUB screen. I selected Windows and a truly dissappointment. hdWindows not found. I said nvm and selected bliss. Just a gray...