A Lightweight & Minimalistic Windows 7 alike Start-Menu Replacement for any Windows!

If you're using either Windows8.1 or Windows10 then this is something which might be helpful for you. Also we all know that there is no traditional start-menu in Windows8.1 as in Windows7 or Windows10.

The software which I will be introducing here will bring a totally native start-menu in which you really won't get a third-party-software feeling. It'll feel more like if this is from Microsoft itself.

There is a software called Classic Shell.
I personally use it on Windows8.1
The great thing is, it's completely opensource !

It also aims to customize your File Explorer & Internet Explorer but these works the best on Win7. What you should be mainly interested in is the start-menu feature if you're planning to install this on Windows8.1 or Windows10.

This is how it looks and works like :

To be honest, this exactly works like the Windows7 start-menu and even better !
If you're wondering whether this can show Windows Store Apps, then the answer is yes !


Note: I'm using the Metro skin as it looks more modren and suits well with Windows8 & Windows10.

Not only that, you also get tons of customization options to choose from !


How to get started ?

To download the installer click here. (This comes in multi-language also :) )
Edit: This project was discontinued by the actual dev on 2017, now it's being maintained by some community members on
github (Latest)

Then once you run it, you must select the Custom Installation option.
After that you should get such a screen.

Screenshot - 3_25_2020 , 7_19_48 PM.png

Here you must disable the following features in the way shown above.
  1. Classic Explorer (Not usable in Win8.1 & Win10)
  2. Classic IE (Not usable in Win8.1 & Win10)
  3. Classic Shell Update (It is dead in 2017)
Only keep Classic Start Menu feature enabled and you should be good to go.
Now just click on Next & Next and ta-da, it's installed into your PC !

If you want to use the same skin as me
  • Right-click on your start-menu button
  • Click on Settings
  • Then click on Skin tab
  • Select Metro skin and click Ok button.

I hope you found this awesome and if you did then don't forget to hit the Like Button ? !