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Buy station p2, play all android games ,4k Quality

I like that they sell this product and let you choose operating system;

But i strongly doubt that this GPU can render at 4K smoothly.
Not even talking about CPU.


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* If you asking what the best

Just buy phone android and use TC games to mirror the screen and then you can play game without lag and without problem.

Yknow the problem in here is Architecture Arm is not actually support in x86 that mean the best ways and the best thing is just play it in source of devices


Actually generation is equal to 4. digit from right, not the 3. digit.
hmm so what is the difference between 7800 and 7700
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The reason that made me sure that the number 3 is the generation is because my bro pc got the win 11 update and I did not get it, I had to make some adjustments , my bro core i 7870, Not sure if it's 70
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