Help Blue Archive stuck at loading screen on Android x86 7.1


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So after install Android x86 and install Houdini7_z.sfs on it, I tried to install this game. The game is open, and it download game data and after done it said "click to continue" but after that it stuck, I wait around 5 minutes and it still stuck in there and suddenly "Blue Archive is not responding" alert appear. How to fix it?

I found this github page saying it can fix the Blue Archive game, but I don't get it what it means so I don't know how to do it, it said like this:

1.Blue Archive (Can open the title page, but it crashes on loading.)

Due to app's data is not recognized it will make the game crash on loading. To fix this, there're 2 solutions :

These method are for people who can be able to compile custom Android-x86 images

Make a script that set data permission to 777 whenever an app is being opened (PrimeOS method - NOT RECOMMEND)

Cherry-pick these two commits :
Result : Tested by SGNight using ProjectSakura-x86

Use bind mounting file-systems (RECOMMEND)

The proper way is to use file-systems such as sdcardfs or esdfs so that it can bind mount both apps data or obb correctly. This method is still being used by Android devices today.

Find a kernel that include the file-systems :

** For sdcardfs, check out maurossi or youling257 repo : (recommend to set CONFIG_SDCARD_FS to =y instead of =m)

** For esdfs, check out HMTheBoy154 (umbral branch) or youling257 (5.18 branch and above). esdfs and pkglist are pulled from ChromiumOS's third_party kernel repo.

Go to device/generic/common and revert this commit

(These next step are required for people who want to use esdfs instead, which HMTheBoy154 recommend)

Still in device/generic/common, open and add these line
ro.sys.sdcardfs=false \
Go to system/vold, cherry-pick this commit
Result : Tested by HMTheBoy154 using BlissOS 15.6 (Android 12L)

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