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GearLock-Extension [Discountinued] "intel_gpu_top" for Android-x86


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Cross compiled intel_gpu_top with android ndk r25b. (see attachment)
Note: during compile-time executable was configured to load libraries from /data/intel_gpu_top, do not change that directory

Now it doesn't crash on older kernels like before because of the hack we used to run it without android bionic libc.

It was not easy as I thought, after copying missing header files, making changes to source code (replacing/removing some functions not available in the android ndk), making changes to meson build files, also had to cross compile libudev, libkmod and libblkid (needed for compiling libudev), libglib-2.0 and some other libs for Android.


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MrMiy4mo updated " intel_gpu_top " for Android-x86 with a new update entry:

[Discountinued] "intel_gpu_top" for Android-x86

Please consider using this one instead (Credit: @Xtr );

Read the rest of this update entry...
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Hello, I uploaded it just for demonstration, kind request pls pack to gxp and post an update (when you got time). Since not everyone will be comfortable with unpacking an archive and copying the files to system.
The less steps a user has to do, the higher the chance they will install and give it a try.

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