[GearLock Trick] What to do if your gaming performance get decreased after a few days in an android-x86

Do you think that your overall gaming performance is getting lower and lower after each use?
Then I have an idea which can help you cover this up.

The question is, why does this happen? What I think is that, something inside your data folder is surely being changed which might cause unnecessary loops of processes or other caches which can cause bloat in an app.

It's pretty simple and straightforward.
  • Backup your whole data when you think that you're getting a good utilization over games on an android-x86
  • Then restore it back when you feel that something is wrong or your OS isn't performing as expected

To do so, you have to >>
  1. You should have GearLock installed
  2. Run GearLock
  3. Then use, `Data backup & Restore` > `Backup Data`
  4. Have the backup saved in your hard-disk

Now what next ?
So, the theory is that you are to restore this backup of your data whenever you think your OS is performing poorly compared with the early runs.

To restore the backup when you think that your OS got slow & is performing poor,
Do >>
GearLock > `Data backup & Restore` > `Restore Backup`

Hope this helps to whoever faced any such issue.


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