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Houdini for Genshin Impact - Houdini for Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Don't forget to restart your pc.
Install 1

Continuation of the installation.
Install 2
Don't forget to restart your pc.

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Genshin impact already works on blissos with android version 9, i have a script to run game;

Check this here;

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The script lock game processes to core 0, after passing to scene, we can run another script so, processes can run on all cores again.
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does this work with Darkmatter ?
No, different android version.
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Hi, Xigo may I try to make it for Arm-switch on PrimeOS 2.0?

Houdini 11 sfs compressed version (You can use it if mount it in Android x86)
>>> Here <<<

1. Turn off Houdini in settings and deleted this file in system
and folder
2. Place SFS in somewhere ( For example : /system/vendor/extra/Houdini.sfs )
3. Make directory ( folder ) in system ( For example : /system/arm )
4. Mount SFS like this :
mount -o loop /system/vendor/extra/Houdini.sfs /system/arm
5. Choose an available Arm :
  • r98
  • r100
  • r101
By doing a symlink
For example:
ln -s /system/arm/r98/bin/* /system/bin/
ln -s /system/arm/r98/lib/* /system/lib/
ln -s /system/arm/r98/lib64/* /system/lib64/
6. Switch houdini on in menu settings
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