Help How to compile kernel for Android x86 ?

I have kernel source extracted , have .config from currently booted kernel on android x86 but i also want to apply zen patch to it but it gives some errors when i use :

patch -p1 -i /path_to_patch/

The process of building a kernel for android x86 is essentially the same as compiling Linux kernel for a GNU/Linux distro, there are lots of tutorials for that. Except you will have to use make android-x86_64_defconfig instead of make defconfig.
Do note that this step will only work with kernels that include Android-x86 patches. Android x86 config in arch/x86/configs/android-x86_64_defconfig
I have compiled kernels 5.15 (LTS), 5.16, 5.18 from source and used them successfully.
i having hard time finding the exact version 5.15.13 or another version which has zen patch available from .
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