Help How to correctly install the Google Play Games apk in Phoenis Os DarkMatter


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Hello, I am here to share with you the method that I found to install Google Play games to play in Phoenix Os DarkMatter because, as you well know, this one does not come pre-installed from the factory and when we try to download it from Google, one does not appear either using VPN or we download it. from certain sites only to find the error at the end that it is not compatible with our device, well the solution is simple, the only thing we will do is download this old version from the following link that I will give you at the end of the post and once installed we will enter to Google Play and we will update it and that's it, so we will have our Google Play games working to play with our Google accounts.



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This one is pretty old and was made for Android TV's.
Although ,I haven't used Darkmatter recently but There should be no problem while installing play games from play store.
If any problem occurs install the latest one by searching the apk online and remember to check combability.

Here is the latest version for x86 .

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