Help How to disable thermal throotling on DM


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Please note that disabling thermal throttling can cause your device to overheat and experience thermal throttling if it becomes too hot.
You should try the following:
  • Check if your device allows you to set a lower critical temperature through model-specific registers.
  • Manually underclock your device.
  • Do a checkup on your hardware, exchange thermal paste, and install a fan.
To disable CPU throttling from software, you have to Disable CPU throttling or BD PROCHOT permanently in Phoenix OS Darkmatter. See this thread:

Some tips if you having performance issues:
  • Disable intel_pstate by editing kernel command line in your grub config. You can edit your grub config in C:\grub2\windata\customconfigs.
  • Activate all of your CPU cores in system configuration and use ultimate performance mode by setting CPU governors/frequency from GearLock.
  • Use root apps that use CPU control.
  • Use a script that runs as a service that sets the CPU min and max frequency for each core of your CPU (Gearlock does this).
  • Check if your processor supports turbo boost and enable it.
  • Use a CPU stress test tool to check if your CPU is running at full frequency.
  • Use a dedicated GPU if your CPU has an integrated GPU and the game you are playing is graphics-intensive.
  • Check if your system meets the minimum system requirements for the game you are playing.

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