Help How to run Darkmatter 4.7 Advanced HW support in qemu?


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Actually, never work with qemu before. But this same problem happened to me when I install DarkMatter-Exo4.7_BETA on Virtual Box. Maybe because of a wrong configuration or I set the RAM too small >_>

Btw. If you are confused, don't forget to read the log.


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You might need to force software rendering with nomodeset added to kernel cmdline for it to boot.
Darkmatter in general doesn't work well in qemu VMs, virtio-mouse doesn't work and virgl is broken with some mesa versions. Try project Sakura x86 with GRALLOC=minigbm_arcvm HWC=drm_minigbm in kernel cmdline.
Script doesn't disable gearlock itself but supercharge function which is required for darkmatter.

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