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# Make sure screen is not glitched
set gfxpayload=1366x768
export gfxpayload

# Make sure video is working
insmod all_video

# Set the operating-system name
set SOURCE_NAME="DarkMatter-4.7-Exo4.7"

# Set the timeout for the submenu
set timeout=3

# Set the default variable to the submenu entry you prefer
set default=0

# Blind savelast function to workaround grub2win bug with it
function savelast {
return 0

function stack_menu_opt {

set TITLE="$1"
shift 1

menuentry "$TITLE" "[email protected]" --class other --class icon-asg {

shift 1
#set CUSTOM_ARGS="[email protected]"

search --set=root --file /$SOURCE_NAME/findme
linux /$SOURCE_NAME/kernel [email protected] root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.selinux=permissive acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s4_mode SRC=/$SOURCE_NAME
initrd /$SOURCE_NAME/initrd.img


## START general menu options
stack_menu_opt "Boot normally" quiet NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Startup repair mode" quiet FIXFS=1 NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot into Recovery-Mode" quiet ALWAYSRECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with experimental kernel performance flags" quiet NORECOVERY=1 noibrs noibpb nopti nospectre_v2 \
nospectre_v1 l1tf=off nospec_store_bypass_disable no_stf_barrier mds=off mitigations=off intel_pstate=disable
## END general menu options

## START advanced submenu options
submenu 'Advanced options ->' --class submenu --class icon-asg {
stack_menu_opt "Boot into Recovery-Mode with NOGFX flag" quiet NOGFX=1 ALWAYSRECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with DEBUG=1 flag" NORECOVERY=1 DEBUG=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with legacy(auto) modprobe mode" NORECOVERY=1 AUTO_LOAD=old

stack_menu_opt "Boot with VULKAN=1 flag" NORECOVERY=1 VULKAN=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with VULKAN=1 flag and old modprobe mode" VULKAN=1 AUTO_LOAD=old NORECOVERY=1

stack_menu_opt "Boot with No-Setup-Wizard mode" NORECOVERY=1 SETUPWIZARD=0
stack_menu_opt "Boot with No-Hardware-Acceleration" NORECOVERY=1 nomodeset HWACCEL=0

submenu 'More debug options ->' --class submenu --class icon-asg {

stack_menu_opt "Boot with gralloc.gbm debug flags" DEBUG=2 GRALLOC=gbm NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with drmfb-composer debug flags" DEBUG=2 HWC=drmfb GRALLOC=gbm NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with hwcomposer.drm debug flags" DEBUG=2 HWC=drm GRALLOC=gbm NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with gralloc.minigbm debug flags" DEBUG=2 GRALLOC=minigbm NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with hwcomposer.drm_minigbm debug flags" DEBUG=2 HWC=drm_minigbm GRALLOC=minigbm NORECOVERY=1
stack_menu_opt "Boot with debug flags" DEBUG=2 HWC=intel GRALLOC=intel NORECOVERY=1

## END advanced submenu options

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