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Hi folks, I bought you some spicy information that you may find useful if you use windows 10 or heard about windows 11. Well, this blog has no relation with windows 11 and this is not new. You'll definitely wish you knew this before. I tested this software before some months ago and they have developed it further more. It's interesting to take a look at this useful piece of software which is made by some great guys out there. I'll breakdown this blog to several parts to organize my thoughts and information and links to download this.

Talking about the software/app itself, It's not either owned or related to official Microsoft in any ways. This software is 100% FOSS and you can find the source on GitHub. It follows the design style of other native Windows 10 apps and the experience is great when compared to the default signature File Explorer of windows 10. I'll note out it's features, pros and cons and share my thoughts about.

Impressive Features​

Some of it's features are definitely a game changer for default File Explorer users. Some other Linux based file manager has all of them and we're not gonna talk about them or compare since this article is about Windows Explorer and the Redesigned Files. I'll point out the features I noticed. Maybe I missed a lot of them. If yes, you can reply to this topic to request for adding them.

# Theming and Customization​

Well, this needs a special category for what is comes with. Yes, as you might've guessed. This supports dark and light theme with all the effects and gives you the same experience as you use native windows apps unlike getting a full black plain File Explorer. Plus, it comes with some preferences/options to configure the Files app according to your preferences.


Light Theme
Dark Theme

# Tabs​

This is one of the feature most people expected or want in the default File Explorer. This allows you to manage different folders and work on multiple locations easily without switching actual windows which is not effective. With this feature, you can actually use the Files app as a browser and do your work more easily.


Yea, quite impressive. Isn't it? This feature will definitely make your life a lot easier.

# Multi-pane ( Split View )​

I personally like this feature, for organizing files by opening 2 different locations at the same time. I've used this on a Linux file manager called Dolphin. But, this makes no sense if it doesn't support drag and drop support. Yea, this Files app doesn't support drag and drop. If they add support for that, this would become one of the greatest feature.

# Preview Pane ( Media )​

This is one of the features that I find useful. You can preview video files and have basic controls ( seek, volume, cast ) is awesome.

# Overall animation experience​

I have to mention this. The animation experience and the effects you get in the app is awesome and of-course you need a somewhat beefy computer to use this. I am not recommending this if you have a potato PC like me. But, definitely worth trying.

Context Menu for example

Overall Animation experience

Pros and Cons​

We need to talk about this >_> . As I've mentioned a lot of good things about the Files app. There's also some important points to consider too. I will point them out.

# Pros

• Opensource
• Tabs
• Multi-pane
• Great animation and UI
• Customization settings

# Cons

• Packaging format
This doesn't come in a standalone executable and this follows their new packaging format called Appx. You need to get some dependencies if you download their package from github releases. Download from store if you want that to do the job automatically.

• Sluggish in some places
Of course, this makes sense. It has animations and effects which cannot be disabled.

• Drag and Drop
This is one of the things that stops me from using this. This has no support for drag and drop which is one of the important feature to be included. I don't know if they're working on this. But, it'd be great if they do so.

• Resource usage / Responsiveness
Yes, this uses some portion of the resources and needs at least a somewhat beefy computer to get the lag-free experience. If you want a honest opinion, This is no match to the default File Explorer in terms of the responsiveness.

• Searching
I don't know why it's just searching in the current directory instead of recursively searching from the current like the File Explorer do.


This project is open-source and free to use. You can use the below links to learn more and download.

Visit their official website
Official GitHub Repository ( You can contribute or build your own customized version )
Download from Microsoft store

Note from author :
I installed this, took screenshots, collected points, recorded just for this blog article. And took my time to explain the features and give some points that I noticed while using this. Consider giving a thumbs up if it helped or if you find this interesting or share your thoughts in the reply section below.
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