Opera GX - The Web Browser for Gamers

Ever heard of a Gaming Browser ? Sounds kinda funny right ? But this isn't going to be funny. Let's get practical. I'll keep this short since Opera GX homepage hasn't left me pretty much anything extra to bloat about ?

The BIG words to be said: Opera GX is the first ever Gaming Web-Browser.
And I gotta say, Opera surely did a smart move >_> You thinkin' what I'm thinking ? ?

It's an Early-Access version, which is only available for windows currently.
Hoping to get the linux ones soon. But if you got Wine in linux then you know what to do >_>

Here is a preview image of how it actually *looks like

This is an official video from Opera itself

Visit the Official Webpage to know it all (And to install of course >_> )

Lastly what I wanna say is, if you're a kind of a person who want total control and customization at it's max whether if you're a gamer or not this this is just for you!

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