Distro Patched BlissOS 11.20


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(UNOFFICIAL) Patched BlissOS v11.20 Android 9 on PC with less detection

  • No userdebug and test-keys flags
  • No Root (If you want root, check initrd-magisk)
  • Remove Tasker app
  • Have Google Services
  • SELinux Enforcing
  • Pass RootBear and Oprek when no root or with root (Magisk+MagiskHide)
  • Pass MagiskDetector's SELinux check
  • Remove addon.d folder to remove Custom ROM detection because it is useless
  • No GearLock, i am going to implement GearLock Recovery into initrd-magisk, moreover, GearLock need to be rewritten some parts

Credit: @HMTheBoy154 blissos.org
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Link: https://t.me/HuskyDG/182

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