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arkMatter is a totally reworked version of the discontinued official PhoenixOS project and to be honest, it'd be quite much of a crime to even call DarkMatter as a part of PhoenixOS now. Not alike others, it has some special features which makes it unique. Since this is based on PhoenixOS, thus many thanks to the offical POS devs & android-x86 devs. The only reason we used this as base was because of their keymapper, otherwise we'd just build one from source. The main purpose of this project is to make it easier to perform advanced customizations over the stock POS. It's not about just a fancy wallpaper or bootanimation and obviously there is no question at adding them, because it's not really a thing. That's all, thank you. No such changes/implementations were made which would potentially harm the pos/android-x86 devs in any means.

Quick Trailer

  • Record both internal-audio+screen with ultra smoothness without any app!
  • There is no black-screen issue or force-close in CALL-OF-DUTY [This is the first ever android-x86 nougat build to achieve this]
    UPDATE : our method got patched for a long time, it's not working anymore

  • Fixed the “Compiling resources” Issue on all variants of PUBG on both mesa v17 and v18 (Will support Intel, AMD & Nvidia GPU seamlessly) [ Exo1.0->Exo4.1 gang will remember that... It was the first Unofficial build to achieve that™;)]

  • Fixed the bug where PUBG doesn’t allow transactions over PhoenixOS builds [It’s the first Unofficial build to achieve that™ ;)]

  • Total rework of the SystemUI, now you won't literally feel it's phoenixOS anymore ! (The initial idea was mine btw 😏 - based on PhoenixOS Edu)

  • Introducing native AOSP's NightMode. You can activate from Settings>Display (First ever android-x86 nougat to have this !)
    * Thanks to @HMTheBoy154 for implementing it

  • WideVineDrm L3 implementation for DRM-content support !

  • Updated Webview to a native and stable one.

  • Change `iftop` - A Real Time Linux Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool from toybox version to better version that Linux distro's have.

  • Introducing `wavemon` by uoaerg, an ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices

  • Updated alsa-lib and alsa-utils to with the new alsamixer! With it you can fine tune your audio from core level! ( Compiled by @HMTheBoy154 )
    (note from @HMTheBoy154 : Not only Darkmatter is the first POS mod have this, but also the first Android-x86 build to have it :) )

  • Introducing GalliumHud Extension! WIth it you get a GPU monitoring overlay directly from Gallium3D with realtime FPS and more! (Gallium include AMD GPUs, Nvidia through nouveau and Intel 8th+ Gen using Intel Iris if install Mesa 20.1+)

  • Cut out ads showing function of VIP Service, so if it got silently install (which might be never), no app will be shown to ruin your experience.

  • DarkMatter-Help app for new users to quickly get familiar with Darkmatter, recreated from the old NoviceHelp by PhoenixOS. (All credits to @Night for developing it)

  • Added some ncurses games like : snake, 2048 (not ncurses) , tint. And hey, we have sl too :D

  • GoogleServices can no longer slow down your OS by overusing your CPU, yes that's right! Not only that, Play Services can now updated automatically or manually using apk.

  • Added many keylayouts from Google to support game controllers like Dualshock 4 or Xbox One controllers. Also we added some .idc files from Android-x86 and BlissOS too.

  • You can install HomeLaunchers directly from PlayStore and switch between them as you do in a Mobile Phone! (Not possible in OfficialPhoenixOS)
    * Again, thanks to @HMTheBoy154

  • Magisk issue workaround where Magisk makes the terminal (Alt+F1/ALT+F2) unusable [It’s the first build to achieve that™]

  • GearLockProgram for extensive customization (That's why DM is made!)
    • Install any custom kernel / mesa or pretty much anything. There are also tons of other extension & packages available in our RESOURCES section for you to install with a powerful package-manager.

    • Install flashable zip files. (BETA)

    • Use RECOVERY-MODE even before your android starts.
      + MidNight Commander FileManager integration in recovery mode.
      + Repair corrupted EXT partitions before booting up the OS.

    • Decompress / extend the size of your system image

    • Backup & restore your whole data

    • Mesa Version faker

    • Change CPU governor & frequency

    • Change MAC Address

    • Update google apps directly from a opengapps package

    • Install latest/custom magisk version directly from github source by patching the ramdisk. (on-device)

    • GoogleLess Mode feature

    • Unity Game Engine Crash Fix

    • Resolve the issue for magisk installation, in which magisk makes the tty unusable

    • SU-Handler for switching between SuperSU & MagiskSU

    • Introducing GearProp, which can force overwrite any system property.

    • Purge / remove extra kernel modules from your system

    • MultiLang support with UTF8. (EN, VN, CN, ES)

    • Record screen with audio without any app. (Directly from gearlock with internal audio support)

    • Very developer friendly with tons of easy to use tools

    • Disable / Enable Laptop touchpad or keyboard

    • Extensible by installing custom extensions
  • Kernel Multi-booting....! Yes, you heard it right, you get two different kernel to boot from! (The primary one is the offficial POS kernel4.14.15 and the secondary one is 4.19.92 build by @HMTheBoy154 with passion ❤ . Note: Only the primary kernel can be changed through GearLock) [ As always, it's the first public android_x86 OS to have such capability ;) ] (Deprecieated since exo4.7)

  • Introducing Virt_Wifi support! (It will transform your ethernet connection into a Simulated wifi, meaning apps which dont support ethernet will work flawlessly now!) [Thanks to @HMTheBoy154 for the suggestion and @Chih-Wei Huang for his git patch]

  • Added vulkan graphics api support ( Was requested by @MethMan ) { Special thanks to @HMTheBoy154 }
  • 60 FPS will be unlocked for most devices without any GFX/Gltools (Is not true for 4.14.x kernels)

  • Fully automated Windows installer for both EXT4 & NTFS disk (Manual mode is there too;))

  • Boot-up sound (first ever)
  • Custom screen resolution changer without any app.
  • Adjusted laptop touchpad sensitivity and fixed touchpad gestures.
  • Replaced Stardust Browser with Kiwi Browser [similar to Chrome + has dark mode + Extension suppport + you can set to desktop mode by default]

  • You can configure DarkMatter on first-boot as you want from core-level ! (Re-born from Exo4.4 but next-level)
    >> Including the options of =
    * GoogleApps
    * microG Apps
    * Pre-install keymapper-config
    * SuperSu Handler
    * ViperAudio_FX
    * And many more !!

  • Fixed the UI-Stuck/Hangup issue on newer kernels as some users reported [Thanks to @mido.fayad]

  • All PhoenixOS VIP services are intact. No changes were made to them.
  • SuperSU is the default root handler, you can install any magisk version directly from gearlock!
  • Emulator Detected system.

  • Dual bootable with Windows through Grub2Win Bootloader
    [Compatible with both Legacy and UEFI, special thanks to @drummerdp]

  • Disabled EGL logging [For more performance]
  • Mic issues fixed [Credits: A few redditors]
  • Terminated a few locating processes during the boot.
  • WiFi issues fixed for some devices (incl. RTL8723DE, using Comet kernel)
    [Special Thanks to @mido.fayad and @HMTheBoy154 ]

  • All your hard-disk partitions + darkmatter partition will show directly on FX file-manager home.
  • Configured system for Xposed Framework installation. (Which is available as a GearLock-Package)
  • Unnecessary buggy boot functions removed from the Initial Ramdisk image [aka initrd.img]
    -->Example: ntfs-fix removed from the stock POS initial ramdisk Image, as it can cause damage to hibernated ntfs drives [initrd-stock.img]

  • Updated toybox and some busybox applets
  • And a lot more features for you to discover.......
  • What?? You want more?! ?

DarkMatter comes with pre-installed GearLock.

Installation & Upgrade
👉 Video Tutorial (Updated) [Arabic /Eng / Hindi / Portuguese / Bangla
You can either extarct the os files for manual installation or just simply flash the iso image into an usb-pendrive and install it through the bootable android-x86 installer --You can flash it using rufus(windows) / etcher(mac/linux)]
  1. Make a folder/directory named DarkMatter in an EXT4 partition.
  2. Open that directory/folder.
  3. Use a archive extractor for extracting the iso.
  4. Extract the following files: system.sfs initrd.img ramdisk.img gearlock kernel findme
  5. Make a folder named data
  6. Open /etc/grub.d/40_custom
  7. Copy the code below and paste it on the bottom of/etc/grub.d/40_custom
    menuentry 'DarkMatter' {
    insmod all_video
    search --set=root --file /DarkMatter/findme
    linux /DarkMatter/kernel quiet noibrs noibpb nopti nospectre_v2 nospectre_v1 l1tf=off nospec_store_bypass_disable no_stf_barrier mds=off mitigations=off intel_pstate=disable root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=android_x86_64 androidboot.selinux=permissive acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/DarkMatter
    initrd /DarkMatter/initrd.img
  8. Then run this command in your terminal
    sudo update-grub

For Old versions check the RELEASES Tab
For ChangeLogs from Exo4.1 check the UPDATE-LOGS Tab
For GearLock Packages/Extensions [Mesa / Kernel etc] click here 👈

Released On 30/8/2019
  • Initial release
  • Updated mesa driver to v18
  • Updated the init boot scripts
  • Used the latest PhoenixOS x86_64 nougat build
  • Adjusted laptop touchpad sensitivity and fixed touchpad gestures.
  • Fixed the “Compiling resources” Issue on PUBG
  • Using “Rootless Launcher” [You can enable CZ-FileManger/launcher using a mod in the mod section]
  • Using FX File Explorer as the default File Manager
  • Replaced StarDust Browser with CM Browser
  • Pre-Rooted with latest magisk
  • Lspeed included. [Not advised to use unless necessary, system-level balancing optimizations already made. Use it only if building structures are not rendering fast upon landing.]
  • Emulator Detected system. [ You may download emulator patch from the mods section below for Emulator Detection bypass ]
  • Dual bootable with windows through grub2win bootloader
Released On 7/9/2019
  • PUBG Compiling Resources issue is solved with mesa 17.1.10
  • Rebuild from the ground up
  • Added PUB GFX+ TOOL
  • Using stock PhoenixOS mesa 17.1.10 drivers
  • Optimized for gaming (Introducing gaming-protocols)
  • Used the Latest PhoenixOS to build this with mesa 17.1.10 (Will support Intel, AMD & Nvidia GPU seamlessly)
  • Configured system for low-end PC’s to run PUBG smoothly
  • New Emulator mods available
Released On 23/9/2019

  • Disabled EGL logging
  • New intelligent windows installer [can be also used for upgrading from Exo2]
  • Fixed the bug where PUBG doesn’t allow transactions over PhoenixOS builds [It’s the first Unofficial build to achieve that]
  • PUBG Compiling Resources fixed for all versions on Mesa 17
  • Magisk bug fixed where magisk makes the android_x86-command-terminal[ALT+F1/F2] unusable while magisk is installed. [It’s the first build to achieve that]
  • Added GearLock program [Dev: AXON]
  • Bash and 7z binary integrated into the system [compiled from source, gnu]
  • Mic issues fixed [Credits: A few redditors]
  • Terminated a few locating processes during the boot
  • Wifi issues fixed for some devices [Special Thanks to @Mido fayad]
  • Now all your hard-disk partitions will show directly on FX file-manager home.
  • Configured system for Xposed framework installation.
  • Xposed Framework can be installed from GearLock.
  • New emulator masker will be supplied through GearLock [Then it can be toggled on/off from GearLock]
  • Unnecessary buggy boot functions removed from the Initial Ramdisk image [aka initrd.img]
  • ntfs-fix removed from the stock POS Initial Ramdisk Image, as it can cause damage to hybernated ntfs drives [initrd-stock.img]
  • Updated toybox and some busybox applets
  • Multibootable between stock-initrd.img and mod-initrd.img
  • Some grub boot code changes
  • What?? You want more!? I gotta sleeeep……. Had to work for the last 6 days over it -_-
Released On 04/10/2019

  • Magisk bugs fixed
  • New mesa18 gearlock package available
  • New kernel available
  • darkmatter partition will be mounted on FX
GearLock 4.0
  • *GearLock updated to 4.0 from 2.6 (No longer BETA)
  • *Data folder backup and restoration function added
  • App Management function added
  • New improved package installing engeine
  • *Added cool misc. functions
  • *Offline magisk additional setup function at >misc. functions
  • Dalvik-cache clear function
  • Custom disk mount function
  • Hot reboot
  • etc.
  • Made some system optimizations
  • You will find a disk named “Package_Dir” in fx file manager
  • Dependencies renew
  • Modding Engine updated [Old Mods can be used]
  • Few system bugs fixed
  • Fully working Mesa 18.1 for all GPU’s is available [Credits: @Midofayad]
  • GearLock kernel packages will work flawlessly
  • And most importantly…>! Updated GearLock….!
GearLock 5.0
  • GearLock core rewrite
  • New Developer-Mode
  • Now you can build your own gearlock package!
  • Pre-Build Kernel Package engine added (Dev)
  • Custom Core Package added (Dev)
  • All bugs fixed
  • New Package Engine
  • Improved functionality
  • All functions reviewed and rewrote
  • And a lot more but I can’t spell them in words ?
  • COD MOBILE graphics-glitches fixed within the system level
  • Gaming-Protocols updated, will make the system more stable and smooth for games & apps
  • Fixed the bug where Package_Dir wasn’t being created if DM was installed inside a folder
  • System configured for performing OTA updates
Gearlock 5.1
  • Built-in OTA-UPDATER added [#feature-request by: !VISARD#4301 ]
    Now you will receive OTA-UPDATES directly from GearLock
  • Optimized GearLock Core
  • Sub-menu function improved
  • A lot of tiny bug fixes
  • Added a new Dev-Placeholder Game/System Tweaks
  • There has been a lot of changes since Exo3.3
  • All sorts of Magisk issues has been said good-bye!
  • Minor improvements within the system for fluid performance and smoothness! [Includes tiny bug fixes]
  • Reverted back to Legacy-Gaming-Protocols; You can switch to Alpha GP using GearLock
  • Major improvements in the DarkMatter booting process and it’s affiliates.
  • No more Google-Play-Service updating issues.
  • Implemented the use of microG instead of Play-Services
  • Got rid of Google-Play_Store, bought a brand new supercool Play-Store mirror app!
  • Updated the external_user_apps alongside adding new ones. [Includes a better YT alt. and a web-browser & +1]
New Windows Installer
  • Re-coded the setup-engine from scratch
  • Ai based installation functionality
  • Fixed all sorts of possible errors (Based on mind simulated situations and some user reports)
  • Now the installer has the capability to install external-software’s in a automated way
  • Replaced Ext2Fsd with a better ext4 partition mirror driver (dokan-dev/dokany)
GearLock 5.2
  • Vast amount of improvements over the gearlock core
  • Optimized all the old Functions for more stability
  • Perfected the OTA-Updater
  • Added a Game/System Tweaks menu with lot of new functions
  • Added Magisk-Extended menu with awesome functions
  • From now on you will be able to directly Update magisk-core using GearLock!
  • Added few other cool stuffs
  • Can’t remember the others ; find them yourself

Additional Contributions
@diaz allowed me to use his VPS freely to use it for hosting this website.
@r*k bought me the domain
@and everyone else in our community who provided feedback and bug-reports with much respect.

Credits & Thanks
Android-x86 Project [ Licenced under Apache 2.0 ] (No android OS for PC's would have been possible without them)
PhoenixOS [ DarkMatter was based on POS ]
7zip as i use it for gearlock [ Licenced under GNU LGPL ]
@drummerdp for his grub2win project [ I use his grub port for our windows installer ]

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AXON updated PhoenixOS DarkMatter (Community Mirror) with a new update entry:

PhoenixOS DarkMatter Exo4.1

  • Fixed all sorts of internal DarkMatter/Gearlock bugs
  • Now There is a Performance Mode in GearLock
  • Fixed the issues with Gaming-Protocol Switching. (Now you should have no issues with Alpha Protocol)
  • Unity Engine Games fix added into GearLock> Game/System Tweaks [By @HMTheBoy154 ]
  • Updated GooglePlay-Services and Play-Store to the latest version
  • No longer using microG. [A gearlock Package will be shared]...

Read the rest of this update entry...

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