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TakuruKagami_busy updated PrimeOS-BlackEngine with a new update entry:


- Will use kernel 5.18.0 with ZRAM

- ZRAM will be automatically set to 90% of the total RAM size

- IMG editor from AlterBE will be used in the Ramdisk editor

- Fixed the display of the number of cores and threads on the initial toolbox display

- Improved how to find kernel locations

- Setting to set the screen size is added with a custom size mode to what percentage of the screen size you want

- Set the user agent can be set from internal memory without the need for root access (reboot...

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error, device is not certified
after i have enabled GMS from tb
That's because it generates random spoof in build.prop, you can change it to Other > Spoof device > then change to ASUS Z01QD
In version 0.5, this random generator has been removed because I myself have known about GMS problems for a long time.

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