Distro PrimeOS Modified 2.1.0 based on @Kamazok


The @Kamazok PrimeOS 2.1.0 is very nice,but it has s some problems and I fixed it.
The screenshot is below:

The new things I add:
1.NEWEST Gearlock installed **It needs some fixes to work
2.The better ARM Translator(Kamazok's translator cannot open QQ and this could)

But it need install this Magisk module:https://mega.nz/file/Ye4VwR6Y#CFUNKFBSphcgs5JPp3Z2Lesn7lErPdBR3KNaScL8aFk

3.initrd-magisk has been installed(Gearlock couldn't work)
*****WARNING:If you want to let your gearlock work please look at there:https://aopc.dev/t/how-to-use-magisk-delta-instead-of-initrd-magisk-android-11-and-up-only.1458/
I have tested that LSPosed works perfect

4.system.img has been supercharged,so please install to NTFS/Ext partition!

5.Gamecenter(Keymapping) added

I suggest install the Xanmod's 5.10.9 kernel package,it works better:https://github.com/Weeb-Linux/Darkm...9/GoogleLTS_xanmod1._Kernel_5.10.9_pledge.gxp

Also I recommend install this gearlock package:https://mega.nz/file/lSASwJxA#hmr_pcT7EinKZUKjU3Z6b1hsqZoWa5IyBFkSASXQ3og

It could fix some microcode error (the AXON's package)

"""This PrimeOS mod'sdownload link is:https://mega.nz/file/5f42kTrL#-j1KW4LlUSSUII1vPpPPu6Imt6wPfTVVFMHKVKvlS1o

Wish you have a nice experience!

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