Help What are the Best Specs for phoenix OS to get maximum performance.


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What is the Best Pc i can build for phoenix os?
i play pubg Mobile Rooms Only. So matching problem Doesn't Matter to me.

I am Planning to buy i3 10100F and an intel Arc A750.
What do you guys recommend?


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Android x86 doesn't need much resources . Even my i3 1005G1 runs almost all games at highest settings . Anyways as @Xtr said Dm doesn't support arc GPUs . As for your config in general , arc 750 is a rtx 3060 equivalent , pairing it with a 10th gen i3 will bottleneck your GPU . Go for i5 / ryzen 5 . If you want to use a GPU in Android x86 , go for older amd ones Have better support . But a Intel igpus have best support . I were you i would buy a i5 with iris xe graphics if I only wanted to play on dm / phoenix


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Huawei Matebook D15 or
Asus Vivobook 15
( core i5 1155g7 with intel iris Xe )
Should i buy it for android x86 ?
The CPU/GPU looks fine, but it's possible that there is other unsupported hardware in them such as Intel VMD. Do some research on the internet and find out if those laptops have issues running Linux.

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