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  1. HAMMADpak

    Distro ProjectNext OS iso

    ProjectNext OS 9 ISO,any one went iso contact me in gmail([email protected])
  2. SupeChicken666

    Help Building Mesa 23 for Android TV x86 9.0

    Hi there As the title mentioned, I have a 12th Gen Intel system (i3-N305) and I am trying to figure out how to compile a newer Mesa for Android TV x86 9.0 (ISO here, fetched from 4pda) (comes with Mesa 21, 12th iGPU support is added in Mesa 23) After poking around on Google, it seems that some...
  3. Kamazok

    Distro Android 7/8/9 TV x86 (MOD by tok78)

    Updating ATV builds for older computers. 1) ATV7 x86 32bit (with Leanback on Fire launcher) 2) ATV7 x86 32bit (with Projectivy Launcher) 3) ATV8 x86 32bit (with Google TV launcher) 4) ATV9 x86 64bit (with Google TV launcher) 5) ATV9 x86 64bit (on Kernel 5.10 + Wifi6) 6) ATV9 x86 64bit (on...
  4. Arshia3131

    Help How to install nexus os??

  5. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info Things you probably need and don't need to know about android.

    1. Only Chrome from Google LLC and System webview can be used as a webview. The reason is that the webview feature is disabled in the Android version of the Chromium browser, so browsers based on Chromium cannot use the webview feature and only ordinary Chrome, beta, dev, and canary can do it...
  6. NightStrike

    Help Phoenix os did give better perform in my high end processor (core i5 10400 2.9ghz) intel uhd 630

    Hello. I am struggling with one problem which is when i install phoenix os or other phoenix os modded version and try to open PUBGM it doesn't open the game and close automatically later it says PUBGM is stopped working . Plz help how i can fix this problem😭😭😭😭😭? Here is my pc spec: 1. Core i5...
  7. SideEffect_BRANCH

    Info For Prime OS Black Engine next update.

    New look for raminfo which is on notification. ( Notify4script ) Remove red, blue and purple themes and change the version alt name to regular version. Add new themes and change cursor too. ( Maybe ) Remove unused apps in system ( It will give free ram ). < because this is prime os so this way...
  8. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info If you want to play Android games on PC, it's better not to use this OS.

    You must know about the Android OS which is no longer being developed namely Remix OS. This OS is based on android 6.0 and has a smooth user interface and has multiwindow capabilities even though it is only based on android 6.0 which when compared to the AOSP version of android 6.0 can only do...
  9. TakuruKagami_busy

    Distro [ Preview ] PrimeOS BlackEngine 0.3

    Update kali ini tentang mengubah tampilan dari prime OS black engine. Apk batch install sudah di perbaiki agar bisa menginstall apk yang memiliki nama dengan symbol dan spasi. Terminal power menu bisa di gunakan dengan command rb-sw yang tersedia di power menu hot reboot reboot force shutdown...
  10. Streamxi

    Help 32 bit android x86 for free fire

    After ob29 all os I used to play free fire is not working. As free fire stopped making x86 version of the game so all are now arm and armv8a. Please anyone experienced and running game can help me out. I have intel t4400 with sse3 support no see 4,4.1,4.2 also no vt so no to emulator.
  11. TakuruKagami_busy

    Distro PrimeOS-BlackEngine Old download only

    If you don't know other Prime OS Black Engine 0.4 wallpapers are available in internal memory. When extracting it, you must first open it with 7z ( Don't use winrar ) and then extract it from the inside. This os requirement minimum requirements no gapps 1.5GB RAM...
  12. TakuruKagami_busy

    Asset Arm support manager | Mobile Arch support Test for x64

    Test version details This spoiler only for android 7.1 x86 arm switch old
  13. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info Yup, Mesa switch

    I just realized that this can also be done
  14. TakuruKagami_busy

    Asset -

    I just remembered how to compress it with sfs. with toolbox download in here Password: 8dce only have sfs without toolbox download in here Password: a14c How use it : copy everything to /system folder run terminal and run this command "chmod +x /system/vendor/etc/" after that reboot...
  15. TakuruKagami_busy

    Help Phoenix OS 1.5.0 is it still worth it?

    After a while does not return to Phoenix 1.5.0. I tried reinstalling and tweaking the system a bit and after that I tried to play the game which was quite surprising because the time it took to enter the Garena logo was so fast compared to Phoenix OS based on Android 7.1 and I think that Phoenix...
  16. TakuruKagami_busy

    Help I'm just asking about aosp. can anyone fix it?

    I'm trying to play the game on android x86 AOSP for very smooth performance but why is the matchmaking for free fire game taking so long and not even logging in. anyone know how to solve it?
  17. TakuruKagami_busy

    Tutorial [Fix command] Have you ever had a problem with your ntfs drive/windows drive not showing up? then here is the answer

    First check with df maybe it is being mounted but in unknown folder If not, test with mount /dev/block/sda"x" find your windows drive number in grub2win if using it or if not using it you can do it by mounting them one by one to folder continue if in command saying something busy or anything...
  18. Killerz69

    Help Best Android OS for VMWare

    Hello guys, whats is the best Android OS compatible on VMWare Workstation 14? Very thanks for comments.
  19. T

    Help Which android os can run dragon raja and codm

    Please can someone tell me in which android os i can run dragon raja sea and codm:rolleyes::rolleyes: