android tv

  1. SupeChicken666

    Help Building Mesa 23 for Android TV x86 9.0

    Hi there As the title mentioned, I have a 12th Gen Intel system (i3-N305) and I am trying to figure out how to compile a newer Mesa for Android TV x86 9.0 (ISO here, fetched from 4pda) (comes with Mesa 21, 12th iGPU support is added in Mesa 23) After poking around on Google, it seems that some...
  2. Kamazok

    Distro Android 7/8/9 TV x86 (MOD by tok78)

    Updating ATV builds for older computers. 1) ATV7 x86 32bit (with Leanback on Fire launcher) 2) ATV7 x86 32bit (with Projectivy Launcher) 3) ATV8 x86 32bit (with Google TV launcher) 4) ATV9 x86 64bit (with Google TV launcher) 5) ATV9 x86 64bit (on Kernel 5.10 + Wifi6) 6) ATV9 x86 64bit (on...