1. Nigga56

    Info How to make bliss os x86 support ARM and ARM64 applications?

    Is that possible ?
  2. S

    Help Unity not rendering due to EGL_BAD_MATCH

    Hey guys, I recently installed android x86 9.0r & BlissOS 11 on my tablet. Everything worked very well unless I tried to run a game on it. The game freezed at blank (black) screen. I glanced into logcat and saw these: I think it has something with the display driver. The game worked very well...
  3. R

    Asset Enable your HDMI Audio 2022-09-11

    For as long as I know Android-x86 has never had HDMI audio. The truth it has had it for a while now but it's never used. Some laptops don't have HDMI audio and if it's mini displayport forget it. This should work for Desktops. Follow these instructions are how to enable HDMI audio. Step 1: Open...
  4. R

    Software Isomaster edit your Android-x86 ISO 2022-08-29

    Program to change files on your ISO this is needed if you alter initrd.img, install.img, ramdisk.img and system.sfs for a loaded install. It is only built for Linux 64bit. Cheers. Best regards Ryan Johnson
  5. R

    Software Unpack and Repack ramdisk.img 2022-08-28

    These are two scripts that unpack and repack a ramdisk.img. I've put python, busybox, and other executables in the /sbin. Then its up to the kernel to stop your fun. Best regards Ryan Johnson
  6. T

    Help Sse2 sorunu

    sadece sse2 destekleyen işlemci için android x86 iso varmı yardimci olurmusunuz lütfen😇
  7. kww

    Help Is it worth to play Free Fire on x86 instead emulator?

    Is it worth to play Free Fire on x86? Or it is better to use any emulator? My phone is not able to run it and my PC doesn't support VT-x so i can't use emulators
  8. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info If you want to play Android games on PC, it's better not to use this OS.

    You must know about the Android OS which is no longer being developed namely Remix OS. This OS is based on android 6.0 and has a smooth user interface and has multiwindow capabilities even though it is only based on android 6.0 which when compared to the AOSP version of android 6.0 can only do...
  9. TakuruKagami_busy

    Distro PrimeOS-BlackEngine Old download only

    If you don't know other Prime OS Black Engine 0.4 wallpapers are available in internal memory. When extracting it, you must first open it with 7z ( Don't use winrar ) and then extract it from the inside. This os requirement minimum requirements no gapps 1.5GB RAM...
  10. TakuruKagami_busy

    Help Why does this bug always appear in minecraft x86 ?

    Every version of minecraft x86 that I download always has problems with the problems below : I've even survived in the desert without tools or armor because of this problem. I know I can download the Arm version which doesn't have this problem but the fps drops so much even the latest...
  11. TakuruKagami_busy

    Asset Arm support manager | Mobile Arch support Test for x64

    Test version details This spoiler only for android 7.1 x86 arm switch old
  12. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info Yup, Mesa switch

    I just realized that this can also be done
  13. Egado

    Help Modified Android for old laptop with 1gb of ram

    My dad has a pretty slow laptop, I gave it to him as a gift since he was looking to watch baseball live at work. Intel atom N455, 1gb ram ddr2 and intel gma 3150 64mb. I want to give it a second use with an android on pc, is there any android x86 system for simple streaming applications like...
  14. TakuruKagami_busy

    Asset -

    I just remembered how to compress it with sfs. with toolbox download in here Password: 8dce only have sfs without toolbox download in here Password: a14c How use it : copy everything to /system folder run terminal and run this command "chmod +x /system/vendor/etc/" after that reboot...
  15. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Request for Phoenix OS Rog bootable iso

    Hello everyone. I really hope that someone cam make Bootable Phoenix OS rog iso file. Because my pc doesn't support dualboot bcos old bios. I want to create bootable Phoenix OS Rog usb and clean install it on my ssd . Thanks 👍
  16. meowed

    Help Does enabling VT (Virtualization Technology) increases performance of Games on Androidx86 OS.

    I've installed several emulators on pc like bluestacks, ld player, memu etc. They always ask for enabling VTx from the bios setup to increase it's performance. So I would like to know that enabling VT on our pc increases the performance of Games in DarkMatter too? Thanks:coffee:
  17. TakuruKagami_busy

    Help Phoenix OS 1.5.0 is it still worth it?

    After a while does not return to Phoenix 1.5.0. I tried reinstalling and tweaking the system a bit and after that I tried to play the game which was quite surprising because the time it took to enter the Garena logo was so fast compared to Phoenix OS based on Android 7.1 and I think that Phoenix...
  18. TakuruKagami_busy

    Help I'm just asking about aosp. can anyone fix it?

    I'm trying to play the game on android x86 AOSP for very smooth performance but why is the matchmaking for free fire game taking so long and not even logging in. anyone know how to solve it?
  19. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info Have you heard about the latest phoenix OS?

    I just found out that phoenix OS made an edition version to learn last year but that made me quite happy which means at least future compatibility for phoenix OS will continue with a slightly different look it's quite refreshing to see because honestly the phoenix interface is very minimal for...
  20. TakuruKagami_busy

    Info Is it still not updated for x86 ?

    Free fire for arch x86 is still not released for now so those who update via playstore will only update to Arm. maybe in the next few days it will be released for arch x86 or maybe free fire will not provide arch x86 anymore.