1. fadeloxy

    Help Can't download new release of gearlock

    Help me guys please
  2. Pawerd13

    Help problems with gear look

    I have 2 problems, the first is that when I enter prime os, before starting I get a message that says boot your system, and I have to wait three seconds for it to start, which can be annoying. The second problem is that when prime finishes starting up, it plays a sound something like a player...
  3. aissa_younes

    Help ARM Native-Bridge (aka Gaming-Protocols) option is not present in gearlock 7.3.3 settings

    I want a link to download gearlock for an old version that includes protocol settings because not all of the links on this site work, or how to make this option work for gearlock 7.3.3
  4. GMV

    Help LineageOS 14.1-r5

    Hello, I'm new here. Have been using Android x86 since 2021 but just now I managed to get Gearlock installed, and it has been... troublesome to say the least. I attempted to change my cursor, the system hangs on the boot animation. I try to restore to a backup, it doesn't work, the boot...
  5. LazuliKao

    Help [Solved] Get system write permission on latest Bliss OS.

    it seems that the latest BlissOS use a new compression method in 'system.sfs', and is unable to fetch 'system.img' using 7z or other methods. even using the built-in installation method, after confirming r/w for 'system' will cause installation failure. I install gearlock and it works, but have...
  6. R

    MOD Mesa Overrides MOD Any Distro 1

    This is a simple script that was extracted from POSROG ramdisk.img it enables Mesa tweaks. To install unzip download and copy to either /data/ghome/gearboot/init or /system/ghome/gearboot/init it is either one or the other. Reboot and you will see the difference. Best regards Ryan...
  7. AdTheElite

    Help Installation problem with gearlock in phoenix os

    So i freshly installed phoenix os some days ago and there's a problem when i try to install gearlock. It doesn't shows any errors while installing and "shows your system is now gearlocked" everything goes pretty well until i restart my pc just to find that its not actually installed. So...
  8. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Request for Phoenix OS Rog bootable iso

    Hello everyone. I really hope that someone cam make Bootable Phoenix OS rog iso file. Because my pc doesn't support dualboot bcos old bios. I want to create bootable Phoenix OS Rog usb and clean install it on my ssd . Thanks 👍
  9. M

    Help Permission denied trying to install gearlock

    I'm getting this error trying to run on my Androidx86 install:
  10. Hafiz_Shauqi


    HELLO Please help mee.... When i install mesa 21,18,20 my hd 6570 detected as AMD turks and run perfectly but KINEMASTER seems to be lag and freeze then Crash please help me guyssss
  11. A

    Help Bliss os 14.3, android 11; gearlock problem

    After successfully booting 1st time I got this error : mkdir : cannot create directory ' /data/ghome/gearboot' structure needs cleaning Find: '/data/ghome/gearboot/overlay': structure needs cleaning
  12. A

    Help Bliss os 11.14 gearlock install error

  13. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Mesa driver for Nvidia crash and bug !

    Hello. Anyone please help me.... I have Nvida Gt 530 . I use Mesa driver 17.x.x give me glitch when open the browser. Website become black white black white glitch and game crash alot .Then, i try mesa 18.x.x it stuck on the loading screen. Can anyone help which mesa need i use to get best game...
  14. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Help me to do this!! kernel hardware update

    Hi. Sorry i just want to ask what i need to do now to get ps4 controller working. The command are given but i dont know how to put into grub and so on. Can anyone teach me step by step. Here's the command :
  15. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help OPENGL ES 3.0 or 3.1?

    I have GT 530 2gb DDR3 and have Opengl 4.4. But i dont know what is the opengl es supported for my nvidia gpu. Here's what I got from Aida 64 app. Is my GPu support Opengl ES 3.0 or 3.1? :
  16. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help OpenGL ES

    Hello 👋 is there a way to get OpenGL ES 3.1? I have 1gb Graphicc Card hd 6570 but still haa opengl es 3.0. anyone can help me?
  17. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Touch screen driver

    Hi. My tablet can use touchscreen with windows 8.1 but cant with Android x86. Do anyone have idea how can i fix this? My tablet specs : Intel Atom Z3735F 1GB Ram 8GB rom Intel Ivybridge
  18. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Ps4 controller support

    I hope That someone will create kernel with Ps4 Controller support like on android phone huhuhu....
  19. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Mesa 21 driver

    I just update to the new mesa 21.x.x using mesa from this website. I want to know why my HD6570 which support OpenGL 4.4 only show as OpenGL 3.0 my android x86 pc although i have update the mesa. Thanks. My pc : Intel i5 2400 8gb Ram 60Gb ssd AMD Turks HD6570
  20. kalamazooter

    Help darkmatter/gearlock, cant find gaming protocol setting after updating.

    after updating to the most recent version of gearlock,some games (brawl stars for example) stopped booting, so i tried to change the gaming protocol to delta, but the option is gone, is anyone else have this problem or have a solution?