phoenix os

  1. BullyMaguire77

    Help Beep problem

    Phoenix os remix os and other emulators accept prime os, giving me a problem whenever I try to do something in it it gives me a beep sound and games etc are not working properly in it. If you guys have any idea to solve this please let me know.
  2. rasedinn

    Help Phoenix OS Wifi not trun on

    My Pc i5 12gen and gpu uhd 730 Monitor 75hz when i install phoenix os darkmatar or etc WIFI not work or not trun on i am traying to install so manny time prime os but its boot so please help me o_O 1698864539 Help Plz
  3. aissa_younes

    Help ARM Native-Bridge (aka Gaming-Protocols) option is not present in gearlock 7.3.3 settings

    I want a link to download gearlock for an old version that includes protocol settings because not all of the links on this site work, or how to make this option work for gearlock 7.3.3
  4. pakitin2

    Help Why is no posible update new distro of phoenix os with android Pie??

    Hello, I would like to know why it is not possible to modify a phoenix os distro and take it to a version of android higher than android 7
  5. NightStrike

    Help Matching issue in phoenix os

    Is there any way to get gameloop lobby while playing on phoenix os or it's modified versions? I tried some free bypass but it gives me ban. I know pubg in third party Europe server take good matching but my ping show high so i want to play in asia in phoenix os pubg.
  6. YHR

    Asset Game Helper config for MLBB 2023-04-04

    Here are Game Helper config for MLBB. Copy avobe code to /data/data/com.chaozhuo.gamemaster/files/keymap_local_config_json or /data/data/com.chaozhuo.gamemaster/files/keymap_cloud_config_json else copy the following file to /data/data/com.chaozhuo.gamemaster/files/...
  7. anonguy

    Help Phoenix os darkmatter not compatible with rtx quadro t400

    hello, i have been using POS DM4.7 for a very long time when i was not having any GPU, it was working very well with my integrated GPU (intel hd 2000) , but as i installed Nvidia RTX Quadro T400 graphics card , it was behaving very strange, like it was not even opening at first . after...
  8. alinooh

    Help warpath crash

    The game works fine on prime alterbe and dm ash, but when I go around the map and when a big battle starts, the game crashes. Is it because the ram is full or what do I want to know the reason and what can I do to solve this problem, thanks
  9. AdTheElite

    Help Installation problem with gearlock in phoenix os

    So i freshly installed phoenix os some days ago and there's a problem when i try to install gearlock. It doesn't shows any errors while installing and "shows your system is now gearlocked" everything goes pretty well until i restart my pc just to find that its not actually installed. So...
  10. TakuruKagami_busy

    Asset [Mirror] Xposed Xposed Framework Link SDK

    Xposed official cant access so i mirror the file when i found it. maybe someday i forgot again where i download it so i place it in here. SDK25 x86 Xposed for PhoenixOS BR version 3.1 For new or old PhoenixOS BR will not work (crash)
  11. D

    Help how can i overpass the 3gb ram limit in prime os classic?

    i cant run prime os standard since my cpu doesnt support SSE 4.2 so im stuck with prime os classic which is limited to 3gb ram , i wonder if theres anyway to bypass that as i have tried POS BR recently which is a moded phoenix os distro and it worked with 8gb ram available yet glitches...
  12. asif8788

    Help Phoenix OS Wifi Issue and Pubg Crash

    I have a PC configuration of i7 11th gen with 2 GB Nvidia Graphics card. I installed Phoenix OS (Thanos Beast OS) but faced wifi issue. I updated the kernel to kernel 5.10.x and my wifi issue got fixed and used the playstore crash fixed from gear lock package. So the play store also got fixed...
  13. NightStrike

    Help Phoenix os did give better perform in my high end processor (core i5 10400 2.9ghz) intel uhd 630

    Hello. I am struggling with one problem which is when i install phoenix os or other phoenix os modded version and try to open PUBGM it doesn't open the game and close automatically later it says PUBGM is stopped working . Plz help how i can fix this problem😭😭😭😭😭? Here is my pc spec: 1. Core i5...
  14. A

    Help help

    GPU NOT TAKING LOAD showing 0 percent in cpuz Phoenix os (beast os mod) intel i3 7020u, intel hd 620,4gb ram ,ssd
  15. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Kernel 5.15

    Please, Im using Ryzen 5 5500u, UEFI only, Vega 7. I need prime os iso with kernel 5.15 so that I can run prime os on it. Does anyone know how to get kernel 5.15 if it's release?
  16. ssumana950

    Help Boot loop in phoenix os dark matter

    Hi I just installed Phoenix os Dark matter, after installing it ran very smooth first time after that it shows you booted 2 times, after that it enters into a boot loop. please help
  17. B

    Help keys in keymapper not load for pubg automatically

    hello, i reinstall my phoenix os for some reason and install pubgm on it but no keymap set for pubg like before and i have to set it manually for each key!! i checked game helper and game was not there i add it but again no keymap set! i test internet connection and it's fine...whats wrong...
  18. NightStrike

    Help Free Fire opening issue

    Hi I am using vintage v2. My problem is when i download free fire and open it get stop working how do i fix this problem plz help me
  19. Hafiz_Shauqi


    I think I need phoenix os which has already install with kernel 5.4 and mesa 20 or manually install into phoenix os folder before booting. This is because when im booting with stock kernel, black screen appear. Here's my pc specs
  20. NightStrike

    Help Can Mesa 18.3.6 detect Nvidia Graphics Card?

    I am not a laptop user. few days ago i bought a new Graphics card(Nvdia Geforce GT730 2GB) from market. But my problem is Pheonix os and modded version did not dedicate my graphics card i downloaded every modded OS example: Thunder,Thanos V6, Abstergo, vintage, Darkmatter etc but its giving...