1. R

    Asset Surface Boot Params to Optimize Graphics and WiFi 2022-12-28

    Since I have added these parameters to my kernel command line the graphics and WiFi have seen a noticeable improvement. Chrome works like it should. But the big differnce is that after sleep your wifi still works.I used modinfo on Linux to get these parameters they should work on all Surface...
  2. R

    Asset Extract MSI Surface Firmware from Microsoft 2022-12-28

    Extract the latest firmware for your Surface product. Prerequisite: Linux environment Step 1: Run this command: sudo apt-get install msitools Step 2: Download the latest firmware update from Microsoft for your device. It will be a MSI file around a 190 MB. Step 3: You are ready to extract...
  3. R

    GearLock-Package Surface Pro 3 Microcode 1

    Surface Pro 3 microcode from Intel. When CPU's are released the bugs start showing up. The microcode is supposed to mitigate these bugs. It's firmware for your CPU. Install is easy disregard the failed install message it's a flaw with the package builder. Best regards Ryan Johnson
  4. R

    GearLock-Extension Surface Product firmware IPTS, i915, mrvl and mwlwifi 2022-10-24

    On my Linux computer I compiled the Surface Pro 3 firmware right into the kernel it's 14 MB. Now I have done the next best thing for Android-x86 the kernel loads firmware from /system/etc/firmware at boot so it acts as a hotplug for the device. Prime OS 7.1 doesn't have IPTS kernel modules but...
  5. R

    GearLock-Package Surface Pro WiFi Fix Any Model Any Distro 1

    Hello once again I have a Surface Pro 3 and my WiFi kept dropping usually around 5 minutes after boot. So I did some research and this was common with Linux as well even Windows too. They know it's a firmware issue. So I dug deeper and learned Android loads custom firmware at boot in this...
  6. zhengfan2016

    Help How to compile Android X86 kernel

    I am using lineage os 17.1, which uses the 5.8.0 linux kernel, but the kernel I compiled with the surface driver does not boot.