How to Fix cropped external monitor in Phoenix OS & android x86

If you have an external monitor / TV connected to your Phoenix os Darkmatter you might have faced this cropped screen issue.


Since many of you guys are asking how to fix this i think i should make a post on how you can fix this with grub2win & some extra grub codes.

[Custom Grub Codes for External Monitor]

#1 vga=788 video=LVDS-1:d video=1920x1080

#2 vga=788 video=eDP-1:d video=1920x1080

[ Info ]

Try both of the above codes one by one & see which one works for you.

you can replace video=1920x1080 with your monitor resolution like

"vga=788 video=eDP-1:d video=1440x900 "

[Some FAQ for noobs]

#1 Why my laptop goes black after this ?

because by using this grub code you are forcing kernel to use you external display.

#2 Can we use phoenix os as extended display ?

No you can't it's only supported by some monitors if by adding above grub codes gives you extended display then you are lucky.

#3 What is LVDS / eDP ?

It's your display connector type that's being used by grub.

#4 How to find my display connector type ?

Boot into any live linux usb like Ubuntu & type following command in terminal

" Xrandr --query"

see which one is connected to your external monitor then replace in above code like :-

"vga=788 video=HDMI-1:d video=1920x1080 "

if you are getting HDMI as connected display.


#5 How to change too small or too big letter issues in monitor ?

Download Easy DPI Changer app from playstore .

#6 how to change my display refresh rate I've a 144Hz Moniter (aka Rich bois) ?

Update you kernel to latest 4.19.92+ And this line at the end of you build.prop (#/system/build.prop)

#7 How to fix many game resolution ?

> for pubg you can use gfx+ tool & change your gamehelper keymapping to 1080/2k resolution.
> for other games just customize controls make buttons smaller & adjust gamerhelper keymapps according to it.
> if you mess up your keymapping any time just press reset button to set it default.

[ How to apply custom grub config ]

After you know the basics this should be an easy thing to do just goto following location :-


Now put your custom grub code to following location :-
you can put these to which ever boot option you use


now save the file & boot using your custom grub code.

[ Alternative method ]

if you have following my ultimate grub buster video guide & don't use custom boot entries.

> just open grub2win.exe & click Manage Boot memu > customize entry > click your grub entries & edit them like this :-


So now i hope you can finally fix your monitor screen resolution, if you still are having problems you can ping me anytime on discord or just leave you comment below.:giggle:



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read the post again from FAQ section and read it carefully it will answer all of your questions don't just jump on grub config & start testing the settings i 've given here.
you need to find your display / HDMI port name.
input that port name in grub
set the resolution of you monitor and save the grub file.
i found my connector is eDP when i used this in my grub code it force shuts down my laptop screen but my tv screen stuck at a screen "_" at the top and nothing else


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Nice Thank you! THIS FIXED MY ISSUE! Laptop screen is 1440p resolution and my external monitor was 1080p so im guessing the external display was cropped because it was showing in 1080p and not 1440p? With this code:
video=eDP-1:d video=1920x1080
it disabled my laptop screen and enabled the 1080p monitor to fit to that resolution. Awesome Thank you! Playing on a 14 inch 1440p display was excruciatingly painfull haha, everything was so small haha and the upscaling made it look bad, 27 inch 1080p is much better :D
can you tell me which kernel and Mesa version you're using? I can't boot with my RX580