1. R

    GearLock-Package Linux Kernel 5.10.31 with external monitor fullscreen perfect for Surface

    This kernel can enable HDMI only at fullscreen just like the 4.19 kernel and it is the same setup as before. Just edit your kernel command line and add something like this "video=eDP-1:d video=HDMI-1-A:e" That is for the Surface any model or check /sys/class/drm for your devices videocards...
  2. drcraze

    Help Wifi disabled problem on Darkmatter Exo4.7, 12th Gen Intel

    Hi there. I have installed DarkMatter Exo4.7 Beta-2 on my laptop, but I am having issues with Wifi. It is disabled always. My system: Intel Core i5 - 12 Gen Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1235U 1.30 GHz 256 SSD 8GB Ram DarkMatter has a default kernel installed -...
  3. R

    GearLock-Package Android-x86 4.19 Kernel Built with GCC Plugins 1

    Android-x86 4.19 kernel built with gcc plugins works on any device but built for Surface Pro 3 with WiFi patches. This kernel is configured with the following: CONFIG_LOAD_EDID_FIMWARE=y CONFIG_GNSS_UBLOX=m CONFIG_GNSS_UBLOX_SERIAL=m I also added GenuineIntel.bin and other Surface Pro 3...
  4. R

    GearLock-Package Android-x86 5.10 Kernel Built with GCC Plugins 1

    I just built this toolchain and this is the first kernel I built. The perfomance of the kernel is noticeable compared to the stock toolchain. This kernel is configured with the following: CONFIG_LOAD_EDID_FIMWARE=y CONFIG_GNSS_UBLOX=m CONFIG_GNSS_UBLOX_SERIAL=m I also added GenuineIntel.bin...
  5. R

    Software Android-x86 Kernel Toolchain GCC 4.9 with Plugins 2

    Hello once again I have built a kernel toolchain with being able to use plugins for my build. Make sure to set your kernel config to CONFIG_HAVE_GCC_PLUGINS=y. You can use this toolchain in the build system just edit your file. From the initial test that I have done it runs better than...
  6. rasedinn

    Help Need Help Plz Plz >﹏<

    My Pc Intel i5 12 gen ..and a730 gpu asus b660 plus wifi d4 moterbord i need best build f;or me like mesa and kernel
  7. fanofanonymous

    Help another needing help for Dark Matter OS Best kernel/mesa for specific laptop

    HP Pavilion - 15-cc738tx - I think Year 2017 Model CPU: Intel i5-7200U RAM: 8GB integrated GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 dedicated GPU: Nvidia GeForce 940MX
  8. R

    GearLock-Package Prime OS Surface Pro 3 Kernel 4.19.27 15

    Hello everyone I built this kernel and it is awesome. It will work for any device but built for the surface pro 3. It has GenuineIntel.bin built inside the kernel it's self and surface pro 3 firmware built inside the kernel. The kernel is 36 MB in size and the wifi is awesome. I have edid...
  9. R

    Asset Kernel Optimizations 1

    Kernel command line parameters that optimize your kernel. Best regards Ryan Johnson
  10. AdTheElite

    Help How can i restore original kernel and mesa?

    Basically, I changed my kernel and mesa drivers just to get better FPS some days ago just made the performance worse. I installed 4.13.0 v2 kernel and 18.1.9 mesa and when i checked purge/uninstall kernel option in gearlock, it said my default kernel is 4.19.122 (which i can't find...
  11. A

    Help what Mesa and kernel is good for AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ???

    what Mesa and kernel is good for AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ???
  12. bdimran71

    Help Suggest me best kernel for my laptop

    I am useing hp elitebook g3 laptop. Laptop processor is core i5 6th generation. Please suggest me best kernel and mesa. I tried some kernel but it won't boot my phoenix os
  13. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Help me to do this!! kernel hardware update

    Hi. Sorry i just want to ask what i need to do now to get ps4 controller working. The command are given but i dont know how to put into grub and so on. Can anyone teach me step by step. Here's the command :
  14. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Touch screen driver

    Hi. My tablet can use touchscreen with windows 8.1 but cant with Android x86. Do anyone have idea how can i fix this? My tablet specs : Intel Atom Z3735F 1GB Ram 8GB rom Intel Ivybridge
  15. Jannatin_Naim

    Help GearLock installer not detecting OS files

    QUESTION: How to properly install DarkMatter from Manjaro (or any other linux distro)? Ans: Follow these official instructions. Simple as that. PROBLEM: How do I update the kernel with Gearlock? Summary: So, when you...
  16. B

    Help best kernel and mesa for UHD 630???

    I need best kernel and mesa for intel graphic UHD 630 processor i3 10100 ??????
  17. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [xanmod][GoogleLTS][codename:pledge] Kernel 5.10.x for Android-x86 5.10.58

    Theresa Apocalypse fanart by ESTCC, thank you for your beautiful artwork The goal is the same as 5.4 - to support more hardware. And this version is really special since it got official support for wifi cards such as rtl8723de or rtl8821ce, so I don't need to compile external one anymore :D...
  18. dehxazu

    Help PUBG freezing when pluging charge :(

    I dont know why PUBG in my laptop always freezing when i charging, (i've the same issue in my Phoenix ROC) i've try all of version of kernel but still got that issue :( i've try to fix this issue since 2 month ago when i use Phoenix ROC too but still not fixed This is my laptop Acer (i forget...
  19. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86 5.4.140

    Yae Sakura art by EGO Go to Discussion for more info
  20. HMTheBoy154

    GearLock-Package [xanmod][zen-kernel][GoogleLTS][codename:sakura] Kernel 5.4.x for Android-x86

    Yae Sakura art by EGO I. Introduction and Features This kernel........... is like a trial since there's a lot of thing need to be done. I made this kernel with hoping that more hardware can be supported in Darkmatter. Hope that you guys can run this kernel and have the best experience you got...