1. Nadipkuh

    Help Prime os stuck at boot logo

    Maybe anyone know how to fix this?
  2. pakitin2

    Showcase by showing your own modifications and experiences

    people hi this persists it, eh created in order that all show the operative systems that it use androids and that have made you our own modifications and that it have tested function bien. for which comensare I SO: Phoenix OS DarkMatter Beta 2 Changes: apply Kernel Sakura 5.4.140...
  3. R

    GearLock-Package Prime OS Surface Pro 3 Kernel 4.19.27 15

    Hello everyone I built this kernel and it is awesome. It will work for any device but built for the surface pro 3. It has GenuineIntel.bin built inside the kernel it's self and surface pro 3 firmware built inside the kernel. The kernel is 36 MB in size and the wifi is awesome. I have edid...
  4. Kamazok

    Distro Prime OS 7/11 MOD by joccers77

    Prime OS Mainline 0.6.1 (Android 7) 1. Kernel updated to 5.15 (works better) 2. Fixed disk mounting error (oh... finally) 3. Root-access out of the box (Magisk) 4. Added ViperFX (sound mod + DDS) 5. Updated MESA (up to version 21) 6. System optimization (works faster) 7. Replaced native and...
  5. oknoob

    Help PrimeOs Ghost booting error

    i installed PrimeOS and did all of the steps correctly but i couldn't boot into it. it doesn't give any errors when i start it its says heheboi and then black screen comes and it again takes me too grub menu again. any solution prime OS ghost version
  6. Streamxi

    Help 32 bit android x86 for free fire

    After ob29 all os I used to play free fire is not working. As free fire stopped making x86 version of the game so all are now arm and armv8a. Please anyone experienced and running game can help me out. I have intel t4400 with sse3 support no see 4,4.1,4.2 also no vt so no to emulator.
  7. TakuruKagami_busy

    Distro PrimeOS-BlackEngine Old download only

    If you don't know other Prime OS Black Engine 0.4 wallpapers are available in internal memory. When extracting it, you must first open it with 7z ( Don't use winrar ) and then extract it from the inside. This os requirement minimum requirements no gapps 1.5GB RAM...
  8. Stratus_Fv7

    Help The SU Handler wont work..

    SU handler won't work.. and my game won't run because of root detection. Another thing is magisk won't install in gearlock. Plzz help meee.. I am using Prime Os