prime os

  1. Pawerd13

    Help problems with gear look

    I have 2 problems, the first is that when I enter prime os, before starting I get a message that says boot your system, and I have to wait three seconds for it to start, which can be annoying. The second problem is that when prime finishes starting up, it plays a sound something like a player...
  2. aradha


  3. rasedinn

    Help Phoenix OS Wifi not trun on

    My Pc i5 12gen and gpu uhd 730 Monitor 75hz when i install phoenix os darkmatar or etc WIFI not work or not trun on i am traying to install so manny time prime os but its boot so please help me o_O 1698864539 Help Plz
  4. Nadipkuh

    Help Prime os stuck at boot logo

    Maybe anyone know how to fix this?
  5. pakitin2

    Help Why is no posible update new distro of phoenix os with android Pie??

    Hello, I would like to know why it is not possible to modify a phoenix os distro and take it to a version of android higher than android 7
  6. J

    Help prime os resolution glitch/screen tearing from boot

    i tried the latest prime os 2.1.0 on my old dell inspiron 15 3537 , i5-4200U , with amd HD8670M the install is succefull , i get that welcome text "prime os above all" as well but after that the resolution gets glitched i see glitched prieme os loading logo ( 5 or 6 of them glitched on screen)...
  7. maicol07

    Help Black screen with every distro

    Hi, I've tried to install/boot BlissOS 14, PrimeOS 2 and Darkmatter 1.7 but every rom gives me a black screen after selecting the boot option in grub. How can I fix it? Thanks Update: I've managed to boot into Darkaetter but I'm stuck on the Initializing Darkmetter screen... Laptop: Lenovo...
  8. R

    GearLock-Package Prime OS 4.9 kernel EDID 2

    Hello once again I made a kernel for Prime OS it has EDID support for 120Hz. You can overclock a 60Hz monitor installation instructions are in the zip. Cheers. Let me know if you want 240Hz please. Best regards Ryan Johnson
  9. TakuruKagami_busy

    Distro PrimeOS AlterBE x64 v01 - ISO edited By Anyburn

    Please manualy enable GMS with command : gmson Magisk app will auto install with repo in first boot For now only this feature exist : Arm support manager Theme switch (Overlays + Menu launcher) this more stable than Theme in BlackEngine Webview unlock (Can use Chrome as webview) Magisk init...
  10. Kamazok

    Distro Prime OS 7/11 MOD by joccers77

    Prime OS Mainline 0.6.1 (Android 7) 1. Kernel updated to 5.15 (works better) 2. Fixed disk mounting error (oh... finally) 3. Root-access out of the box (Magisk) 4. Added ViperFX (sound mod + DDS) 5. Updated MESA (up to version 21) 6. System optimization (works faster) 7. Replaced native and...
  11. Kamazok

    Distro Prime OS MOD by joccers77

    Who is joccers77 - A growing modder. He builds mods based on PrimeOS x86-64 The author has the potential for development. Prime OS Mainline 0.6.1 (Android 7) 1. Kernel updated to 5.15 (works better) 2. Fixed disk mounting error (oh... finally) 3. Root-access out of the box (Magisk) 4. Added...
  12. N

    Help Prime OS 2.1.2 android11_fix black screen--changing karnel and mesa driver

    Prime os 2.1.2 Android 11 is based on kernel 5.4.xx and this does not match my computer specifications 😔💔.. Please I am trying to change the kernel to 4.13.xx and ask if there is a supported version of this version of kernel 4.13.xx 1658084833 my computer features : Processore : intel Core i5...
  13. D

    Help how can i overpass the 3gb ram limit in prime os classic?

    i cant run prime os standard since my cpu doesnt support SSE 4.2 so im stuck with prime os classic which is limited to 3gb ram , i wonder if theres anyway to bypass that as i have tried POS BR recently which is a moded phoenix os distro and it worked with 8gb ram available yet glitches...
  14. WhiteRabbit

    Help Prime os USB Wifi Adapter

    Hey Guys, i need ur help. I managed it to install Prime os I would like to know if its possible to use Realtek 8814AU wireless usb adapter or any external wifi adapter to work on prime os. Is here someone who can help me, or give me an tutorial for that? Here is the Driver...
  15. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Kernel 5.15

    Please, Im using Ryzen 5 5500u, UEFI only, Vega 7. I need prime os iso with kernel 5.15 so that I can run prime os on it. Does anyone know how to get kernel 5.15 if it's release?
  16. SideEffect_BRANCH

    Info For Prime OS Black Engine next update.

    New look for raminfo which is on notification. ( Notify4script ) Remove red, blue and purple themes and change the version alt name to regular version. Add new themes and change cursor too. ( Maybe ) Remove unused apps in system ( It will give free ram ). < because this is prime os so this way...
  17. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Stable Nvida Mesa Driver request

    Hello Guys, I want to request for Stable Nvidia Gpu mesa driver for NVC0 and NVC1. I got so much glitch from Mesa drive 1.7.x.x.
  18. TakuruKagami_busy

    Distro PrimeOS-BlackEngine Old download only

    If you don't know other Prime OS Black Engine 0.4 wallpapers are available in internal memory. When extracting it, you must first open it with 7z ( Don't use winrar ) and then extract it from the inside. This os requirement minimum requirements no gapps 1.5GB RAM...
  19. edgecraft

    Help Problem using apps that requires Accessibility Services on Prime Os

    I have a problem with using apps that requires Accessibilty Services (ex. Auto-Clickers, etc.) on Prime OS. When I turn-on it's service in Accessibility Settings, the mouse and keyboard input suddenly stops, and detaching mouse and reconnecting it won't work. Worse is that when I restart Prime...
  20. Hafiz_Shauqi

    Help Mesa driver for Nvidia crash and bug !

    Hello. Anyone please help me.... I have Nvida Gt 530 . I use Mesa driver 17.x.x give me glitch when open the browser. Website become black white black white glitch and game crash alot .Then, i try mesa 18.x.x it stuck on the loading screen. Can anyone help which mesa need i use to get best game...