Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows

Software Advanced Android-x86 Installer For Windows v1.8

Compatible With
WindowsXP and above

Advanced Android-x86 Installer is an windows executable which can help you install possibly any android-x86 operating system directly from windows. It also helps you in installing multiple clones of the same operating system and multi-booting them. Not only that, you can also directly pre-install latest GearLock while installing an android-x86 OS with it.

Feature Highlights
  • Additional Ext2/3/4 partition support directly from windows.

  • Supports both Legacy and uEFi BIOS.

  • Ability to directly install latest GearLock during OS installation.

  • Built-in partitioning program to manage/create partitions from windows for you OS.

  • Install/create multiple instances/clones of the same/different OS and multi-boot them.

  • Can create up to 32BG sized data.img.

Video Tutorial

If you are having difficulties with understanding what and how to do then check this out.

Tested With
  • BlissOS
  • PrimeOS
  • RemixOS
  • PhoenixOS
  • LineageOS
  • Official Android-x86
Note: It will likely do fine with almost anything newer/older.

For Developers

If you are interested in to include this installer with your android-x86 operating system .ISO's then you can refer to the repo below to learn more.

Common Issues

Here I'm listing some of the common issues which are mainly over grub2win and extFS.
  • Can't find grub2win on boot over a uEFI BIOS.
    --->>>> It's because sometimes Windows takes over grub2win.
    --->>>> So, boot from your BIOS boot menu, you will find grub2win there.

  • Getting error while grub2win installation
    --->>>> Most likely your boot partition is a bit messed up.
    --->>>> Try to revert any modifications made from softwares like EasyBCD, EasyUEFI etc.

  • Files failed to install over extFS installation option
    --->>>> Sometimes the installer fails to mount your Ext2/3/4 filesystems as read and write, thus it gets mounted as read-only and it remains in panic-mode.
    --->>>> The only solution to resolve this issue is to RESTART windows and then following the same installation process, but that time skip partitioning since you've already done that.

Thanks To

This installer relies on some external programs to enrich itself, without them it wouldn't have been cool enough.
  • David Pickens for his Grub2Win. (Used as the bootloader for multi-booting)
  • Igor Pavlov for 7-zip. (Used for reading ISO files)
  • @DiskGenius Eassos Ltd for their Free-Partition-Manager. (Used as the partition-tool)
Also special thanks to the early-beta testers: @Night, @Ahmad Moemen, @PAIN
First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

hey, man good work for this software but please update this software.
i have several problem when using this
1. if i update grub2win directly from this software it will error
2. if i update it manually it will delete bootloader android, i use "how to fix it" on utilities and did exatcly the instruction said. but it didn't work and i need to load the kernel first? i absolutely have no idea about this.

i reinstall android os on my laptop using different method and os 😥 and when it start run normally i need to deal with the grub
It's really great, but it takes more than 1 hour to create system.sfs, it would be great if it was accelerated.
I can't install AndroidX86 on the ext4 partition, when I try to select the "extFS" installation option instead the "Select your data.img size" option appears like the installation process if using the otherFS option. Because of that, the size of the data on Androidx86 after booting is only up to 32GB max. Any fix for this ?
I'll be honest, made an account just to download it. But it really surprised me! Intuitive UI, easy to navigate, and bonus points for it being portable.
Of Course Best Of all SG With Every Thing , I want To Thank Them For their GreatJob